Monday, 28 February 2011


The wild brook passes slowly between
the high rock- strewn, tall trees, cascades
the dry leaf floats touching the gravel,
spinning like my heart, in this up down -
trail of life, holding each other s hand is
the sweetest moment, the slimy path of
jungle creates the romantic web of love,

The sweating moments says the Sun to
be set as earlier, in the eccentric period
fatigues have a different glamour, appeal
to absorb the anguish of perverted face!
physical whiff in this condition gives a new
experience, dream overlaps the lack of
vigor, in the courtyard tuber roses beneath
ivy creepers, abruptly inhales the aroma,

The pigments of adoration most like goes
through the soggy delicate stem to infant -
leaf, anon it submerges impatient persona,
the shadow of wild blooming tree, falls on
the body, heart, soul, moonlit proximity fills
hidden beauty of life,the alone night bird sitting
one the frame of windowpane, may be waits
silently for someone, endless search into
the depth of darkness, it flies after looking
our shadows, it s difficult to discover, where it
again sits,we have to embrace the prized moments !