Sunday, 10 July 2011

breakages of emotions, the antique 
glassy sentiments, it has had to break
one day, now it slipped from the hands
scattered on the floor, and broken, so 
what, life desires to collect all pieces 
one by one, reconstructing the dream 
has its own glamor, heart doesn't want
to  leave the crystal of eyes, it sparkles 
in the darkness of isolation, time's flow
had its different precedence, might be 
I tried to move towards the antipodes -
way, this imperil task taught to know the
 veracity of life, compact, compromise 
didn't make me weak, I repaired the 
boat, kept  voyage continue, you had 
no time to follow the waves, thanks for 
that, I have no option, barring to float, let 
the destination love me again with full of
passion, beautiful meaning to get in the 
misty trails that you provided the lost 
image, today I knew real self - identity !