Friday, 20 May 2011


as forest fire,wounds of heart
awaken, in midnight
in far away on river bed
alone sand piper calls
with painful tune,
once again bamboo trees are
flared in the life,
every moment wild blooms are
falling down, one by one
stable flow of heart
agitated, consistently unsung
message knocking the door,
in the wet breath, a face
sinks,floats in sequence as the
half opened the petals
of aquatic liliy, shivering in the
moonlit gental wind,
drowsy night is decorated by
the galaxies, stars
clouds have removed the
hydrous tent before end of night,
the oisis is settled on the
opened eyes,indeed caravan
of dreams were relaxed
for few moments, the drops of
songs dripped too,the
memories illuminated with full
spirit,but isolation of
heart beat remained as usual,
sky had poured complete
milky light,I tried to smile
it reached up to lines of lips !
gradually,but before the morning
all shattered in form of
dewdrops,on the landscape
the region of chest is left over
as rain rejected the arid land,
the thirsty eyes gazed
the sky with desired expectation.