Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Towards the light

anguish becomes itself the antidote 
body riddled with thorns,

wounded heart, injured emotion -

Nevertheless, life doesn't  accepted 
the defeat, the path of survival 
thrown down the gauntlet,
droopy eyes finally learned to live in
the forest of spears,
walking on the path of lava, it's not so
easy, at last, step forwarded for you,
because I left to live for myself,
in the climax of love, all the relations
were transformed into worship,
this consciousness doesn't let me die,
mysterious existence of the formless
 lover,repeatedly draws me,
His face has reflected in every look,
I am able to change myself in
 every step,from wild to gentle, the
mutation brings me towards the path 
of love, peace, light, completion -
-- shantanu sanyal