Monday, 15 July 2013


do not call me, from the mystic darkness,
in this loneliness night, let me to live 
beneath shadow of your love, 
do not blow out the 
chandeliers ! let me remain, in the same
way, in the grip of your passionate 
affinity, you're mine or not,
that's a different 
matter - -
in this moment, let me remain in mist of - - 
beautiful deception, do not remind,
what's lost, and what's my 
destiny, a realization
which can give
a breather
for - - 
some pleasure moment, do not snatch - - 
dream of your love, from my 
weary eyes - - 
* * 
art by Ivan-Aivazovsky


across the transparent surface, appears 
the world of illusion, sometimes
very close on the touching
distance, sometimes
optical fraud !
being nearer but looks centuries gap, the
breathing comes back after impinging
the upper layers, an invisible 
breakage without any
sound existed
on that - -
impetus moment, your bodyremains - - - - 
wrapped in the chest; but the soul
looks for someone else, on
those moment of 
double life,
the consciousness doesn't find out solution 
of confused molest passion, love 
suddenly becomes the -
matter of margin,
without - - 
underline, waits for colored simulation for -
riddance from body as well as 
from emotion - - 
* * 
unknown source mural art