Wednesday, 8 September 2010

the inner beauty

the magnitude of adoration
discovered the inner beauty,
as a anonymous emotion turns
the buried stones in the gems,
my life was just the isolated, an
unwanted chapter, your love
explored the eternal depth,
the folded feelings, desires
gone through the humanizing,
touching the heart by
divinity, made me precious,
the fossilized thinking became
vibrant, began to look the
dreams, flowers, sea, clouds
i felt the life is beautiful poetry
decorated with graceful
crystals of endless gleams,
far away whenever, the western
sky is painted by colored clouds,
night falls with glossy, radiant look
as your presence is existed,
some where in the depth of tuber roses
the evening prayers chant in
the praise of your admiration,
night becomes more meaningful
in your proximity, life gets the
world, in more magnificent look,
i want to keep the moments
in the heart, as a fortune, just
holding the hands, looking through
your eyes, life desires to stay forever
in the profound emotions, which often
wants to exorcize from your lips, eyes
for preserve the love,
 i avoid to touch you
wants to look whole the life --
-- shantanu sanyal