Monday, 20 June 2011

Everlasting hunt carried me in
Various destinations, how to
Settle down the frantic thoughts,
As a twister passion moved from
Earth to cipher, above the mystic
Line of horizon, snooped the
Whispering of sky, near the river
Of galaxy, in the cascade of nebula,
Followed the extinct path of stars,
Hounded the full moon whole the
Night, touched the scattering
Clouds vapors above the high sea
Level, heart didn’t acquire answer,
Scroll of curiosity became thicker,
Closely watched the unfolding
Of tender leaves, opening of petals
Tried to know the conversation
Among the dew and whorl of bloom,
Confirmed the feedback from the
Bee during sucking nectar, keenly
Gazed the rainbow sinking down
Into the ocean, asked the secret of
Fragrance, tuber rose only smiled, I
Didn’t accept the defeat, further
Roamed on the desert, wished to
Know the raison d’ĂȘtre of cactus
Blossom in the spiny lap, the beauty
Of sand dunes, attempted to decode
The script of wind written on the
Sand,at last gazed into your reflective
Eyes, I found the Elysium of life.
*(Place of ideal happiness – Greek myth.)

The silence of seashore signified
Somewhere is existed the wind
Depression, abruptly waves look
Wild, vicious mind-set, I afraid,
Might be execute tonight to me,
In the climax of festivity you didn’t
Look once, though I offered the
Life for you, near the grand piano
Heart was laying carelessly, fingers
Didn’t touch wounded emotion,
The chandeliers light scattered in
All the direction, your eyes were
Overlooked the darkness of my
Life, as the rain clouds passed in
The late night, arid land of esteem
Waited for a drop of compassion,
Presence in your celestial world
Was not more than an antique vase
Standing in a corner carrying desire
Of some bunch of red roses, you
Didn’t look to me by mistake, how
To explain you that breaths were
Clogged on that moment when you
Smiled, though that was not for me,
The silent love might be suicide on
That night, but a sweet sensation
Remained for entire life, one drop
Of tear seeped down, formed the
Pearl of memory, an infinite glow
Of first love, eternal juvenile poetry

Shedding leaves doesn’t meant that
Autumn is nearer, sometimes tree
Has no alternative, new tender leaf
Needs the space to explore the sky,
The old ethics if no revive it to be
Oxidized, the life needs the change,
Nature has its own priorities, season
Says just assume the cheerfulness,
Who knows the next moment, we
Would be together or not, these
Meeting point of emotion grows the
Blooming valleys, do not hesitate
My dear friend to accept the reality
That my love is for you, it’s not likely
The dreams would be translate always
In visual beauty, the coins have had
Two sides, dark and light are bonded
In infinite way, little bit compromise,
Some plus minus, give and take, this
Acceptance without any conditions
Fills the colors in the life, the thirst of
Completeness creates misty mirage,
Sharing the life down the one roof
Becomes the nightmare, the link of
Two bodies break after one night, its
Better to think before handshaking,
The heart is meeting or not, if not than
Desire to walk together for long
Walk would be miserable, neither you
Would live nor my existence would be
Meaningful, here is the turning point,
To say the good bye by smiling face –