Thursday, 12 August 2010

indifferent destination

the world is different,a massive fire burns
day, night i walk over the unseen a blaze
do not follow the path, avoid the hurting
yourself,still there is a chance to change
the direction,the path goes towards the
slums of lesser god s creation,ugly disfigured
blamed and hated reside there, neither
present nor the future breath here, black
faces move, emotions die before the birth
necked, torn life,a street of unwanted people
a world of left over souls, its difficult my love!
change the mind, leave me alone
the most exploited,used imaginations are
buried here,the grave yard, no memorial,
no tear drpos,symbol less, a land of misfortunate
lesser destiny s children, play hide and seek
and sleep near the skeleton
the darkness of shattered dreams -- extinct
in the far away the dense,mist, miles and miles
beloved !do not love me beyond the expectation
just say good bye, reverse your wet emotions
towards some other destination ---
--- shantanu sanyal