Thursday, 24 March 2011


Nova light subsisted for short period
on the cerulean blues, overwhelming
occurrence changed the gloominess!
sloping ground besides river, an old
granite shrine witnessed the evening
prayer of wounded hearts, bleeding
souls, in the midstream flows,dream
of equality, compassion, adoration!
from a distance it seems an isle of
attractive vivid flora, suspended on
turmoil waves, everybody wants to
reach on the eccentric land for a -
new habitat, to sow the civilization of
love, humanity, an influential man
with beastly look, carrying whipping
chord wants to control the mass as
a cowboy! crowds do not waited
for any prophecy, they reject all the
summons, midstream changes the
route goes through the river vale,
sudden emerges near the edge,
they yell  in victorious way, the wild
horse in end admits defeat! the
fete of gladness flies higher the sky
whole the night river smiles curving.


The basaltic terrains of life absorbs -
minute droplets of summer rain, in the
evening, soft light of sun carries news!
on the top of baobab tree, seizure of
fireflies creates world of illumination
sitting alone on the top of monolith rock,
the grassland looks sea green carpet,
a peaceful Eden expands the pergola in
the heart, gradually darkness covers
the nature s benediction, the night
brings the mysterious sound, blinking
eyes, nervousness for survival till down!
the mind becomes explorer, endless
search for safe shelter in the dullness
perception goes through evolution, we
weave the dreams for a marvelous
tomorrow, blooming violet cactus, a
child is running bare foot, carrying the
rope of rainbow kite, an old men looking
his smiling face, oh its so beautiful! the
colors scattering down, the entire hamlet
joins to look the panoramic scene, an
amazing pleasure for survival in the land
of hardness, the kite flies among the
clouds, dust, nebula, moon, galaxies
mass cheerfulness goes whole the night!
the widespread bliss floats on the air.


The manuscript of life s extraction was
before me, shaping the own out line
could not turn out, clarity never grew to
visible, as the tiniest particle of wilds
condensed on the surface of pages!
the reading to me, meditation failed
however several times I changed the
attires, looked mirror from all direction,
the eternal beauty of heart lingered
aloof in the isolation, I loved only the
the flesh covered arena, the invisible
part of perception never explore the
eyes, beauty of desire became slowly
the femme fatale ! effect of mirage
brings me in unsolved destinations, its
true that consciousness of life emerge
too late, unfolding eyes are the sign
of morning, an experience to touch the
the blooms of heart are exceptional thrill !
I corrected spellings, sentences, comas
revive the inner expression, accuracy
brought me, not only near to my heart,
the distrustful outlook in your face
changed too, you loved me with sincerity!