Sunday, 21 November 2010

the hill station

bonfire burnt,facing to each other
night engulfed slowly, splashed the
silent moments, half moon of sky
scattered the wet light, mountains
might be concerned about the hide
and seek of wilderness, continued
the game of the prey and predator,
trees were the only mum witness.
morning bathed with honey of wild
blooms,birds twittering in new songs
the fresh wind desired to play with
your curly hairs,flowers unfolded the
delicate petals,inclined eyelashes had
some dew droplets, gift of night glee,
bonfire had been converted in cold
ashes, some moth, dragon fly wings
were scattered, ending of short saga.
as a coin, life has divided the ecstasy
in two parts, again the destiny s victory,
hill station had many secrets wrapped
in the mist,only thats are among us
trees, you and me -concealed moments
let keep some balance for next visit.
--- shantanu sanyal

the glimmering flow

since infinite era, the glimmering flow
is continued on its way through the heart
as a thirst to swallow the outer darkness
repeated birth of desires accumulated
we do not know the ultimate destination
anthology of compassion,didnt allow
often, to trust the nearest person, its
normal, researching the unknown trails
in life is an adventurous task,but we
love it to go through, unpredicted result
has its own glamour,its raining, before
few moments the dale was silent but
burning inside, i didnt look back though
you reminded, that some one is calling
disparately, whole the life the lost voice
chased me,external darkness is easy to
 illuminate,whole the cosmos would be
near you, rising sun looks beautiful,
it s difficult to switch over the inner clouds.
--- shantanu sanyal