Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My emotions is influenced by
The *pantheism, in the nature
I searched your reflection,
Life sized that mirror appeals
Day and night, whole the cosmos
Swings on your lap, I gaze this
Scene in mesmerized way,
Everybody looks here the kid of
Gigantic family, colors, creed
The conflict of philosophical egos,
Looks minute particle, a beam
Of love spectrum scatters the
Flow on every faces, hitherto I
Didn’t distinguish that familiar face,
Whom I love more or less, my
Heart doesn’t know to draw the
Division lines, it desires to include
All in one frame, it moves freely
Beyond the boundaries, as a
Flock of migratory birds, above the
Mountain, ocean, rainforest
Desert or the flourished valleys,
It flies consistently toward the
Peaceful an unknown destination of
Love and passion, a wet land of
Affluence, millions trees, shrubs for
Nesting the future dream, a
Perception, to see only smile not a
Single drop of tear, I did not
Sleep serenely whole the life, in
Search of real beauty I wandered
Everywhere to grow the seeds
Of universal emotion, a feeling to
Experience the pain of others too,
*A belief that god is in all nature
The Greek mythology

Once more lit the glow, stormy
Night may be sustained till the
Crack of dawn, this intimacy has
Different essence, let loose the
Passion knots in natural way, I
Am waiting for this moment
Since the genesis of adulation,
Its legend that the extreme -
Devotion converts the statue
To living object, do not close
The window – doors, let the ray
Of divinity, penetrate our soul,
On the bridge of logs, fireflies
Have night of oath, illumination
Goes from roots to canopy, the
Panoramic beauty of lake fills
More addiction of wild bloom,
The accord of eyes has its own
Charming guidelines, speechless
Emotion has no space amid the
Two hearts, undisclosed moments
Plays the game with the waves,
Thirsty deer fears to its shadow,
However, moon belated to rise,
Amethyst night creates magic
Storm fuels the flames, end of
Night brings the spell of rain, slowly
Life becomes the dream, some
Fragile petals are inclined on the
Cluster of rose, cloudy sky do not
Open the gate sun has longer sleep!