Monday, 22 November 2010

The desert lilies

those all days did not stay longer
before the sun set the pale light
explained the dilution of relation,
i still keep your shadow on the
balcony s flowering weak plants,
i checked almost every day to
them, may be one day, would
be some flamboyant changes,
the conversion between the
buds and butterflies, i did not
guess, something is lacking to
bloom the dream,i tried my best,
the agreement failed as we were
delayed to know each other,
the separation was painful as
we trimmed the stem to bloom
the widespread winter blossom,

only desert lilies survived in the
evening, thats your favorite flower,
i looked your face, dissolved in the
moon, sudden glow is increased,
now night looks more transparent.
-- shantanu sanyal

The love

obsession made me offensive
declared my love for you,they
pelted stones, abused, punished
it was their verdict, i left off them
bleeding forehead had the miracle
i accepted life after the death,
my persona was the dropped bloom
hatred created me majestic icon,
thorny circlet explained me divinity
i lost the extreme pain s gravity,
my love was the ever lasting soul,
whole the cosmos concluded in
a moment,i looked my reflection in
your eyes,floating on the tear drops.
--- shantanu sanyal