Monday, 28 February 2011


The wild brook passes slowly between
the high rock- strewn, tall trees, cascades
the dry leaf floats touching the gravel,
spinning like my heart, in this up down -
trail of life, holding each other s hand is
the sweetest moment, the slimy path of
jungle creates the romantic web of love,

The sweating moments says the Sun to
be set as earlier, in the eccentric period
fatigues have a different glamour, appeal
to absorb the anguish of perverted face!
physical whiff in this condition gives a new
experience, dream overlaps the lack of
vigor, in the courtyard tuber roses beneath
ivy creepers, abruptly inhales the aroma,

The pigments of adoration most like goes
through the soggy delicate stem to infant -
leaf, anon it submerges impatient persona,
the shadow of wild blooming tree, falls on
the body, heart, soul, moonlit proximity fills
hidden beauty of life,the alone night bird sitting
one the frame of windowpane, may be waits
silently for someone, endless search into
the depth of darkness, it flies after looking
our shadows, it s difficult to discover, where it
again sits,we have to embrace the prized moments !

Sunday, 27 February 2011


let the life glow in prismatic color, please
be remain forever close to the heart,
in this copious rainy night, staring to each
other in this manner, spectrum of passion
reacts more swifter than the thunderous
light, in the rains, fireflies ballet swirl
above the magnolia bunch, sings symphony
of love songs, unwittingly kissing by you
fills the lustrous colors into corporal pores,
as the starling flock fly over the horizon,
the coral reefs desire to unfold the craters!
the submerged oceanic volcano, sudden
emerges from aquatic blues, the vapors
makes the sizzling clouds touching the moon!
just like your gorgeous face touches the
bottom of ribs, creates supernovas thrilling,
in this trembling moments, the emotion
becomes the confused shoal underneath sea,
where is derivation and the termination? the
love, heart searches the infinite destination,

the psyche of meeting point is unexplained
the souls are born out of fetus, moves free
it flies sky to sky, on end to other edge -
the lines go parallel, sometimes curved, vertical
horizontal too, overlap to each other many
times, endless movements, as twisted rope
the rain exhausted in last, morning star is visible!
dew droplets are sparkling in our faces or
new life is standing before with flowering valley.



the dew drops shines on top of the reeds
beneath the alone date - palm, emotion
gazes to just bloomed, rosy aquatic lilies!
i know, you did not sleep entire night
the footprints are still existed on the grass
might be you walked bare foot, mellowed
feathery feelings is addicted sweet breeze,
spring fever immersed everywhere, i am
waiting in the vicinity of isolated life, since
we met, the algae, plankton are drifting
with new dreams, as emerald crystal floats
on the chest of swamp, heart is affectionate,
evolving towards the bliss as a dragonfly
liberates, its apparent wings from cocoons !
the frail twig of reed goes swing in those
moments, whenever our lips break the limit,
the passionate touch creates the invisible
sensation as the aquatic spider creates circle
on the unwavering surface, i look your image
in the water, heart goes lost somewhere !
do you know i write poetries on the
wind, petals, on the yellow plumes of strange
bird, sometimes in the reflection of hills,
i found, all words emerges, collectively forms
your icon, the agitation of heart explores,
the planet with new curiosity, wants to collect
the rare, authentic beauty to gift you !

Saturday, 26 February 2011


the open palms raised up to get the
justice, the eye droplets dripped down
as you turned down them ruthlessly,
but flame of chest never dies,
adventist emotions emerged in form of
tempest, the crown has no way to flee !
the share of lion you made the destiny
the pack of hyena forced you to leave
the empire, the synchronization of mind
reflects vigorously, clouds have to burst
deserted life does not walk on the dreams !
you feed the venom since the birth to
hate the human, as addiction of narcotic,
in the consequence they sting to you,
humanity is beyond the boundaries -
the love is infinite, undying element,
the endless process of nature, creation of
god, they have been left the conceit,
egotism, followed the path of adoration,
peace, god s planet may be fantasy, imaginary
nobody knows the reality, natural art is out
of definition,  after the death existence, or
only smokes go through the darkness !
no one knows the mystery of the circle,
then, why you discriminate me as a co traveler ?


in the chronicle of invisible power
footages are not kept pending, every
moment is going to record, you
believe or not! its eventual destiny of
life, sometimes the internal pain
reflects speechlessly, the outcome is
found beyond the imagination, once
debt bearer man is insulted by money-
lender, the depressed man only
wished death for affluent, in next
moment no more breathing by rich, co
incidences are not only eye of mind !
the exchanging is the part of life, how
much we have received or given
the balance sheet does not wait for
rebirth, the life has to face the result,
this calculation goes by the circular way
clergy man was buried near my bones!
in the midnight i looked he was weeping
vigorously hiding face into ankles !
the injustice chases after the death, do
not wait for last judgment, he realized
the truth, that he was the first person
who oppressed my life, in the darkness
of imaginary symbols, in the mystical light!


serene evening leisurely gets down on
the slope of mountains, may be wild
bloom unfolding the corollas, whorl of
silent moments desires to say you, the
concealed emotion of heart, why you
are unknown to lip- read, the patience
of wineglass wants to touch the thirst,
rhythm of violin says look the inner -
tiny arteries carrying the wheeze, your
stable, killer silence, mixed feelings -
pouring consistently the arsenic pain !
how to show the obsession, searched
the words, gazing bluish sky, last night,
keeping face on the coiled finger stalk
i hope you think only for me, as the -
lavender s bloom scattered in mystic
smile, moving anxious dreams on the
eyelids, this your crescent glance, fills
the colors in my crafted promise land!
amid us the bunch of pink dahlia, vase
neither the dense clouds nor darkness,
how to cross the stretched bizarre sea
of indecision, please thrust fingers -
unknowingly towards the heart arena!
twilight is vanishing fast, the fascinated
night is almost prepared for glee, love
me, as river falls in lunatic way to ocean,
let all the paper boats sink in the whirl
of precious adoration, who knows the
beautiful dawn would be able to collect,
the nomadic , thin, flying ashen clouds,
rains are far away, create the imitated rain!
tonight i desire to walk on the tips of
thorny quartzite to touch the source of
subversive spurt, which flows from your
eyes, tonight my soul wants to grasp the
the depth of cipher, wish to analyze the
mystery of cosmos, tonight passion has
to extract purity of gems from the stones,
epic has myth, the two souls converts the
corporal shape to divinity after merging
to each others persona, its time beloved
to adapt immortality, everlasting love
let go, walk together on the flames of
invisible, endless, crimson, burning fire!
never see the left over far- off destination.

Friday, 25 February 2011


in the colossal cipher the world
hangs with prospects of doldrums
the left over nebula carries the
message of compassion, some of
beautiful spirits with love and virtue
stretched the arms to embrace the
bleeding humankind, in the cries
screams, smokes, starvation, pain
the wounded civilization who taught
whole the life, entire brotherhood
love beyond the blood relation across
the planet believe of equality it stands
with swirling, dwindling legs to hug
the remained innocent Homo sapiens!
the submerged earth gradually appears
from the oriental sky the infinite ray
of optimism, innovative creation of love
emerges, dipped in the tender scarlet
color of sky, life flies above the horizon
the residues of evil mind, in the end
surrendered their proud, arrogance,wilds
allowed their children to play in the
liberated garden of newly bloomed flora
and novel fauna, the extinct birds began
singing, the erased rainbow reappeared!
the broken statues of love and trust
breath the fresh oxygen filled by
antique line- vasudhaiv kutumbkam *
the whole world is a family, love
the real and ultimate truth, let live and
let other to survive with their dreams
the imaginary symbols are not so worthier
than the smiles of kids, the last glow
of wrinkles, the fragrance of vivid blossom.
*sanskrit line -the whole world is a family,

Thursday, 24 February 2011

mosaic mood

the narrative of life is endless -
replicating art grows the eagerness
to know more untouched dimension,
the secret of face was nothing, as you
pasted some smile after loving me -
the feeling to get you near the heart
is the latest news, it is astonished that
spring tide emerged from the persona!
life feels secure under the umbra of
eyelashes, inclined face towards chest,
unknown bliss beneath the eclipse,
the dust sand, droplets, mingled in wind
the tornado passed dynamically, while
cosmos looks more beautiful sparkly,
in the horizon, thin shimmering lines
interlacing the twilight and mystic night
the crystal of dream is decorated by a star
between your two lips end, the sweet
swirl instigates passion to over flow the
love, in the enclosure bloom mushroomed
keen to expand the blossom with mellow!
life was like a medieval fresco, faded
later meeting with you, renaissance back
the floating colors on the beach says
time to sink in the depth of mosaic mood,
the heart vibrates in the subtle way, as
the rain droplets falls slowly on the lotus leaves.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


nebulous smile said the truth as
you hidden the desire prolong
milky way was little perplexed,
blues have no hesitation to touch
the depth of your life long eyes!
the game of hide and seek, flashed
the pulsate of heart, the tip of finger
slowly ignited the sleeping crusts
escaping from the smokes, lava, often
becomes the question, volcanic love
has challenged the biosphere, the
wet clouds in last surrogates the thirsty
chest of mountains, in the life many
times, before the decision, moments
do not wait for willingness, it flows
unpredicted, runs towards the slope!
the bunch of beautiful tuber roses
wanted to keep the fragrance inner
the epicenter since the tender twilight,
the magic of moon created invisible
magnetic pores, the skin deep sensation!
fragrance had no other way except
obedience, wind did not wait longer, fill
whole the breathing for survival, originated
from the wild valleys, by birth i am free
as a river, your oceanic disposition has no
way just engulf to my violent waves.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Love yourself first

Love yourself first 
A stranger with David s physic
full grown bison look
stony muscles, vast shoulders
a large stretched chest 
a live sculpture of 
unknown Greek God
irregular face, curly wiry hairs
thick, rough swelled lips 
pitch black complexion 
standing de- clothed
before the beautiful mirror 
with golden floral framed
mirror reflected, said -
the most substantial man 
in the whole universe
a complete symbol of male
with masculine power
the last son of Adam - Eve !
merge in me with vigor
but love yourself first 
recognize the inner most beauty !

Sunday, 20 February 2011


autumnal the moments feel unaided
whenever you say good bye, glooms
of separation makes the life as dried
leaves flying away in wind of dawn,
naive affection waits for next reunion
curiosity increases,searches proximity
between the leaf - stalk,dreams appear,
leaflets wants to collect some more dew
drops, to adorn the buds invisible, heart
swing from one twig to other, tries to
write love poetries on the sweet zephyr,
the soft ray from the roof hole brings
the news of twilight, the impatient feel
emerges in the persona, often i forgot
to look the mirror, in your translucent
eyes, my image complains about dark -
circles, redeye s mystery, always i found
speechless before you, however
a bunch of conversation sleeps inside
the meeting point, i surprised, frequently
changes its form, now looks like spring
is sheltered somewhere in neighborhood!
this evening to evening season alters
many moods, every moment is a long life
each emotion struggles to get you so
nearer, the graph of heart walks on the spiny
edge, one side profound valley other side
remains silent life -

Friday, 18 February 2011


latent my emotions awaken in the midnight
in the hoary circle of moon, i looked some
stratums of dark colors scattered by you ,
the envious your eyes unfolded the saga,
moon has won my heart, you knew very
well, the artificial colors faded by clouds
slowly, the moving face you have smiled, i
caught you raid handed, its different, that
you did not accepted the counterfeit, the
moon criticized through the wind, clouds!
the conspiracy was not obscured, in twilight
said by you that tonight is moonless
night, i believed on you! now clandestine is
unfolded, fragrance of passion is outburst,
the deception in the love was exceptional,
the moon as well, cherished your approach,
the bliss in your eyes was apparent, submit
of defeat or victory has no bigotry, i loved
the bewilderment, given heart to you! who
thinks to the morning if night is so stunning?
in the multitude of luminaries, sometimes a
candle illuminates the perception, life has no
more choice to recognize the authenticity,
my heart was laid under the shaft of black
ashed volcano, centuries passed,approved
by only you, the gleam emerged, covered the
moon, as you loved me, converted in rhombus!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


sleepless night enforced me to write!
often i strived to reconstruct, the
dispersed pieces of clouds, tried to
collect the feeble twigs to make a nest,
fire of forest bloomed with lacy leaves
tuber roses spread out with fanatical
perfumes,whole the night i changed
the sides, dreams were flying above the
meadows, emotional delicate hands
could not touch to wings of butterflies!
i screamed loudly, echoes were lost, in
the dell tribal were singing, dancing with
passionate rhythm, muscled hands were
beating the dreams, the scale of chorus
illuminating the night, as fireflies creating
the magic, lethargic eyes gazed the sky!
moon has vanished, leaving some memoirs
some kisses, embracing moments, some
pages of solitude, some drops of smile or
the script of fingers on the body, galaxies
still breathing by touch of moonlight,
far- flung in the tune of flute, love melodies
mesmerizing the heart, soul, each parts
of sensation, stirring the dreams violently!
how to explain the gratitude or apprehension
as you loved me, fascinated the life, hence
the sleep less night asked the questions,
i do not know the exact reason -
why it is happened ?


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


generate some new magnitude, exceptional
fondness, a formation beyond the dream, i feel
suffocation, do not say same thing continuously!
it seems like mercy killing, whenever you met
said several times, that you can do any thing!
let liberate the emotion from the shackles of
abstraction, that morning is bloomed in different
colors, life wants refresh wind of passion, just
invent the unknown objectives, its boring to
see each other s face hours and hours, in a
constant manner, imagine a separate planet of
beautiful feelings, my heart does not want
to stay in a sequence of flowers, mountain
river, sea, let elope from this routine headache!
think for some other virgin island, a crater
of crystal and gems, a garden of rare flowers,
no prejudice, no discrimination, no external layers
let go to primitive era, pure wilderness!
no envy, no apprehensive, no tension for future,
please come out from the dark caves, sky is clear
let explore the real beauty of life, my heart
desires to fly away, over all- inclusive landscape,
remove the artificial mask, replace the tiredness
today we have been decided to create the
unusual planet of love, no other commitment.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


the defining moment of life was that
night, we decided to undergo into the
mystified world, from their paths
became more multifarious, clouds burst
the heavy rains had saturated desires!
ambiance of love swapped all taboo,
wet wind terrorized the invisible blaze,
however i reminded consistently, do not
attempt to play with fire, it was void,
the internal rebellion did not heeded,
in the life, unwanted events sometimes
becomes the raison d etre for pain or
enthusiasm, behind the ecstasy, the
soreness is always existed, we never
concern about that, here sixth sense
does not work, submitted our emotion
the dream shrinkages in a way that we
had no more sensitivity for bizarre decision!
the rain had reached to aggressive mood
we had been touched the extreme tip!
from the destination, arrival was not
feasible, the turning point change whole
the life, love has its own planet, full of
blossom, tear droplets, thorns, stones
the only fate decides to receive the dew drops!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Saturn s ring

cosseted love in the heart lingered
into the infancy for a long time, as i
waited the consent from those eyes!
emotions strolled on the dreams, entire
life i pursued, to explain the depth,
the endless silent dragged in the land
of uncertainty, the immature sketches
have been full fledged, seasons were
not biased, they kissed the surface, left
the color marks, filled the feelings of 
tenderness, blues embraced the clouds
again and again, dispersed the fluidity of
passion on the awning of the planet,
the never ending love follows the out line
as you formed, as Saturn s ring,life
has not exhausted, the silence of face says
all the saga of your flame less burning.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


divulge all the relish compacted in the
heart, tonight drift of life desires to
hit the roof, love me beyond the blues,
at this point emotion doesn t follow the
fruition, sustained the inner indulgence,

absorb pores unfolded in millions ferns
inadequate moonlight submitted vitality,
create some new moon, unusual cosmos
obsession wishes to get wild occurrence!
the thirst of life looked numerous rains
bring the inventive clouds from somewhere,

tonight my soul has been converted into
the perpetual combustion of internal earth,
just like seismic waves penetrate the rocks
let you travel with supremacy in the nerves!
do not look back, we reached on zenith of
dream, corporal contentment is only residue,

here everything is apparent, infinite exposed
only the purity of bonding, civilization left
far behind, no hesitation, no shame, no bias
in this bare land evergreen trees bear the
fruit of truth, passion flowers, completeness!
the strange river of adoration flows across.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


fictional relation has limited space
fleeting moments gives rapid bliss,
mutual accord brings us near the bed,
how much you have explored the body
the deepness of soul stayed behind or
you had gone through the exceptions!

the accomplishment of night, left over
diverse questions, here imagination are
died the natural death, have you seen
the truth, touched the leprosy full chest,
the dreams of findings broken in sharpen
piercing edge, tear droplets were pearl
or water! hard to analyze the purity,

nodding face searched floor as amazing
object lost somewhere under the dust,
looking the flames from far away seems
more beautiful, experiencing the ignition
is just like self seeing the hidden limbs!
in the mirror of life, dodging to own image
and the mirage of arid land are interlinked,
self betrayal is impossible, the concealed
truth follows the persona whole the life.

Monday, 7 February 2011


the endless fire in the heart, oozing
wounds on the body, i traveled alone
on the track of life, do not ask my dear
the realism of survival, breathing was too
sometimes sold for few coins, the flesh
bones, blood, heart, kidney are nothing!

emotions were auctioned, this world has
no mercy, nobody loves the ugliness on
others face, in the darkness he touches
with soft fingers on the self old injuries,
screams have no echoes, someone cried
standing on the rains whole the night, no
more proof, as many times dry eyes have
nothing to explain the revenge of cyclone!

life is not only flowering valley, the pain
of germination, creation, bearing on the lap
i looked the woman in severe winter night !
sitting on footpath, isolated, discarded
gazing the deserted sky, searching the lost
moment of a child s birth, life has no
explanation, where and how we detached
the hands of beloved ones, heart is very
unstable as the thin clouds, do not know
the scattering location, i know, today you
love me, and prepared to go through the fire
of ring, my terrains have lot of blossom but
is not true that butterflies are migratory creature?

Friday, 4 February 2011


the stipulation to explore the depth
of love was predetermined by you,
the provocative desires, made me only
medium, you forced me for seduction,
in that scorching midday, did not you
exploit me,steadiness of obstinacy
and fraudulence! i looked into the eyes,
as the numerous toxic fruits hanging in
a tree, near the highway, trekkers passing
but no one fascinated to get them, here
my emotions inverted, consequence is
unveiled, i touched, torched the fire, the
fatality is gone through mind to heart,
carping to each other was just flee, why
should hide the face in the palms, mirror
knows the moles, wound spots, nail marks!
in that April, tremendous warmth of noon
abridged to some altitude, as in the dusk
the pre monsoon rain had moisturized the city,
standing on the veranda of seventh floor
we looked the down, as bonsai plants were
moving from one end to other destinations,
the pleasure surfaced in your connived
beautiful eyes, this winning attitude brought
the unwanted tornado in your calm life,
i had nothing to say on that twilight, loving or
controlling someone s persona is different!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


in the lilac dark space under the thrived,
inclined trees of pallid bloom, twig roofed,
breathings were secluded, in the western
blues, isolated star witnessed the ignition
of two souls, floating moon peered only,
far- off on the shoreline, stable waves had
written the poetries, patting the fingers as
you weaved the emotion on my stiff hairs,
in the indigo mountains, orchid creepers
expanded, new shoots to embrace the wild
mammoth fig tree, anonymous creatures of
darkness, began the chorus song of extreme
compliance, lower the valley inclusive hush,
ingested the moon light, as you tranquil,
on the flow of my heart, chest, the persona!
galaxies had been bequeathed the beauty
and glow on us, stripped sky sacrificed all the
bliss to fill the passion in those tiny moments,
we crossed the mystical dreams to realism,
after the night had extinct on the sphere,
love scattered the life on the eastern sky, with
beautiful floral designs of clouds, rays, aura of
haunting relationship of immortal elements,
the ice age of past night released the glaciers
in the reflection of soft light, spring is smiled!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


turncoat attitude could not hurt the
world s sassignments, the caravans have

to travel, in the shadow of pyramids,
evolution is continued since centuries,
slaves have a certain day to rule the 
planet, nothing is permanent, the bricks
of castle refuses to support the monolith
structure, revolutions do not wait for
divinity, extreme prejudice creates the
everlasting ignition, emperor is found
under the sky in a moment, the life has
own ambitions, hard to built the dams
on the flow of cyclone, eruption has no
sympathies for adjoined cry of emotion,
dreams are not personal properties! the
sensation of mind goes through beyond
the imagination, in the ovary of flames
future sleeps calmly, flare up any time.


passion stoma stretched out the beauty
of ceaseless adoration, as you caress the
blank canvas of life, i stared silently the
sky, whole the night dream occupied the
physical landscape, coated colors all over,
as a replica exposed, i released happily all
egos, paused moments between us fused
into the amalgam of colors, sweat, odor -
the fingers altered into the soft, silky, wet
brush, you sailed the yacht anchor less,the
oath to sink together in the swirl of desires,
the promise did not concern the twisters, i
became the bank of turmoil flooded river,
just to expel from the planet of boundaries,
on those impressive moments we reached
to weird but delightful land of peace, love-
the marine surge looked like the wet flames
touching to encircled glow of full moon, we
surrendered here to make the life complete.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


blooming hilly terrains under the
shadow of clouds, as the shaman
sitting on the plateau since decade,
silent moment becomes full of life,
whenever two hearts goes parallel
from these unfamiliar crisscross trails,
echoes of their whisper go through
stem to leaf, branches to twigs, buds
feels the sensation unfold the petals,
twin breath synthesizes the passion,
the soft rays pass through the canopy
to the ground, germinates the seed
of love, tender leaves create dreams in
their moisturized eyes and fill colors
on sweating faces, lips scatter the
perfumes, flowers bloom in full sway,
in the landscape the flimsy beam of sun
fuse the ecstasy of life open handily,
in this beautiful daybreak, two hearts
fly in the liberated planet in self way,
over the waterfalls, across the wild flow,
they created the colored clouds on
the edge of mysterious smoky horizon.