Tuesday, 15 February 2011


the defining moment of life was that
night, we decided to undergo into the
mystified world, from their paths
became more multifarious, clouds burst
the heavy rains had saturated desires!
ambiance of love swapped all taboo,
wet wind terrorized the invisible blaze,
however i reminded consistently, do not
attempt to play with fire, it was void,
the internal rebellion did not heeded,
in the life, unwanted events sometimes
becomes the raison d etre for pain or
enthusiasm, behind the ecstasy, the
soreness is always existed, we never
concern about that, here sixth sense
does not work, submitted our emotion
the dream shrinkages in a way that we
had no more sensitivity for bizarre decision!
the rain had reached to aggressive mood
we had been touched the extreme tip!
from the destination, arrival was not
feasible, the turning point change whole
the life, love has its own planet, full of
blossom, tear droplets, thorns, stones
the only fate decides to receive the dew drops!