Friday, 8 April 2011


Back of the sand dune moon emerged
By scattering miraculous beauty
Bedouins have been lit fire, the Semitic
Song of sweet rhythm is in the wind
Caravan of celestial luminaries settled
Beneath the enormous tent of blues
Tonight I am waiting for you near the
Oasis, in the wilderness, spiny shrub had
Composed dreams in its stems, fire flies
Have left over the veil, liberated the gloom
Emotions are climbing on desert plateau
By serpentine crawl, to touch the passion
Let me to love you in marvelous way
I know, ethics of land faded your beauty
Invisible shackle of leg obstructs the path
Miserable eyes want sweet touch of -
Dreams, little glittering for survival,
You break the rules tonight, bluff the
Watching eyes, camouflage your beauty
Borrow the glow from full moon, mesmerize
The world, I’m sure, you would be succeed
My belief says you will come to meet me
Once, let the fake faces of doctrines
To die, tonight I am prepared to go through
Any penalty, in love everything is acceptable
Whiplashes are nothing, just throw the
Face cover, let dewdrops to scatter on your
Scalded skin, say good bye to golden cage
Sweet heart exchange your life tonight
By night bird before the moon to be dissolved,
Its life into the oasis lake forever –


Every day I discovered you, each instant
You came nearer to heart, these gestures
Have its different planet, the silent lingua
Franca, sometimes the pretext creates
Rains, at the same time signals makes the
Havoc, in your escort life gets meaning,
To read your face, to know your desires
A whirlwind pulls, polarizes the emotion
I found vulnerable myself, surrender the
Masculinity, the rain downpours, the sky
The silly forecaster, just smiles looking my
Defeat, without clouds it is raining entire
Night, often your planet terminates up to
Me, when my world initiates loving you!
This beautiful equation of life creates
Impossible task possible, adventurous
Feeling enforce me to explore the life, a
Thirst to know realism I prepare to go
Through the ring of fire, blind valley, any
Thing, which could be please you, this
Challenge in life returns the maleness, I
Find you more nearer to my persona, the
Wholeness, totality, surrounds with your
Continuation in my life, this proves the
The theory of Ardhanarishwar,* beautiful
Hinduism s philosophy says every man s
Left part body is belong to female, this
Belief enforces me to respect you more and
More that your existence in my life is
Not only meaningful but significant too, I
Love you infinite way as a part of my body,


(* ardh means half and nari means female, ishwar for god)
This is one of form of Shankar or Mahadev deity


Auburn mountains, leafless flora, gray
Sky, deserted arena, magical shows no
More, life follows the path of summer!
In this equatorial night you are near me
Is not it a beautiful acquirement? Broken
Breathe gets new meaning whenever -
Touching to your mouth, the longer dense
Gloom, itself bloom, as your leaning face
Touches to sweating chest, skinny clouds
Flies in the midnight sky, to get a few
Dewdrops, mass vapors of ocean go to
Up and up to extinguish the thirst of blues!
In the city end, sea winds tries to break
The privacy rules, moves like a nomad
Searches night halt, passes nearby semi dry
Garden, brings few sweet aroma, knocks
The windowpanes for sharing some
Fragranced dream, you removes slowly
My embraced arm, unfolds windowpanes,
Bedroom feels the freshness, dreams close
The eyelash, I do not know, it stayed for –
Some moment, or became the third eye!
In the empire of sleep, sensation has no
Control, a wilderness submerges the persona!
We wandered through the rainforest
Entire night we were detached from the
Summer valley, short-term inhabited near
Dream river, dwelling beautiful flourish
Homes, loved to each other, germinated
Harmonious creepers with rare beauty,
Left the place before the day break as
As strange faces laughing on our exposure!