Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The art of origami was beautiful
Someone trapped my emotion
Under the pseudo smiles, blooms
Never faded neither dried, just
A masterpiece of unknown artist,
I couldn’t overcome from the
Swirl of passion, times moved in
Rapid speed, nothing has left
Over in my proximity, it was too
Late to break the cage, the spring
Is now the part of ancient history,
It’s happened not first times,
The twilight often changes the
Length of shadow, night laughs on
Bare body, alcoholic perfumes
Have short durability, in the heat
Of sun its evaporate quickly after
Leaving the unusual spot, life
Is not differ than abstract art, your
Eternal pledges had no intensity,
Before the ending of night, you
Brought down the moon, to adorn
Some other ones planet, but its
Not final stroke my beloved friend,
The nature has its own strategy, a
Person couldn’t betray himself longer
The waxy leaves have an autumn day,
Winds love pale faces to remove
From the twig, for substitute of new
Tender leaves, rotation is the prime
Factor to sustain the life on the earth,
Vague destination, nebulous valleys
Obscured storm, dusty colored sky
So what, how can drop the mission
To get the formula of elixir, this desire
Never allow to prevent, loving you,
They had refused or afraid, god knows
Emotion doesn’t wish to leave the
Trapeze, may be below, not stretched
The bouncing net, life is habitual to
Walk on the tip of acerbic surface, the
Destiny has compromised with the
Flouting stars, wishing to shine until
The end, passions didn’t permit me
To die, tried to touch the apex, loved
You more than life, insanity crossed
Often the limit to see your image on
Everyone, smiling lips moisturized eyes,
How to prove the allegiance of heart,
Life has no other anticipation except
To look the blooming valleys, not the
Bleeding, wounded, hatred, discarded
Faces, screaming childhood, classified
Society, though hopes don’t want to
Extinct, I love you still, to see the dawn
Of new definition, with colorful beauty,
A day of crystal clear reflection, a
Meaning to love to each other beyond
Any description, a life to share by
Everybody with mass fête, the joy of
Survival, the thanks-giving day,
Emotion waits for one and only that day,