Tuesday, 2 August 2011

destiny's cycle moves on its axis
rotation of life has own priorities,
midnight caravan didn't wait for me,
on the bank of galaxy, the fair of 
dreams held in the end of night, the
merry go round moved in the sky,
laying on the sand of Sahara, my 
heart experienced the realism of life,
I have read, deciphered, the words 
containing romance, love, pledge of 
living imperishable way, slowly your
finger split my hand,couldn't yell, 
before the daybreak,perfume faded !
in the book shelves I had searched,
emotion had been dried before falling
down on the floor, whined sentiments
couldn't sleep entire night,in the foggy 
dawn, a shadow blearly immersed
for few moments, in the empty palm 
remained only, some words of promise!
oriental sky colored the ventilator again
sun has no vacation, a bonded service
glassy ewer desires some fresh roses,
life follows the path of rising hopes,