Saturday, 8 January 2011


Let search some novelty in the life
abundance terrains are untouched,
grow some emotion to discover the
beauty of nature, the esplanade of
life is incomplete, we did not yet -
reached to final stroke to make
the dream live, every moment has
its own story, how to convert them
into the realism, the strange colors
of twilight says me, life is beautiful
embrace the night just in your arms,
dip the brush into the moonlight
to make the shades, dilute agonies,
tuber roses had provided the aroma
just fill the unfinished sketches inner
the heart, let give some space in the
life for some one, who loves you -
so much --------


just above the meeting point of
two oceans, towering tidal waves
falling down on each other s
persona, starling imagination here
said, let the poetries of colors
to be emerged from this friction,
our affection is born somewhere
among the thunderous clouds
in the torrential rain of monsoon,
the coast fizzed with numerous
dreams as we walked bare feet
on the sand left the sweet memories,
tidal waves touched our body, soul
foot prints fossilized on the edge
as an immortal cenotaph eternal,
embracing your delicate neckline
i felt the pleasure of paradise, in
that rare moment we had been
traveled on the infinite journey,
they pursued various destinations
to get peace, adoration, bliss
name, fame and divinity, i do
know, the desire unlimited,
our planet was originated in
in each other s depth of eyes,