Tuesday, 30 August 2011


in the endless depth of your touch
I'm looking for life's meaning, 
cavity created by meteor
or you had dropped lightening by 
celestial hypnosis, it's matted,
I'm standing, on the edge of dead 
incurvation, below the valley 
the darkness opened up mouth to 
eclipse my visage, to grab 
the persona, you wants to hold my 
loin, or push down as sign 
of distaste, a mix of bitterness and 
embrace, mute reproach 
probably difficult to say the attitude,
often you don't want to proceed 
on suspension bridge, that 
unknown jitters, brings your body 
and mind under the sovereignty of 
my empire, hidden deformed 
character wakes up, and on that 
joint space, your desires want to 
rupture in millions crystals,
and you want to shock me by those 
pointed glass pieces, perhaps !
in my painful screams, your
elation, victories has included but 
erelong, your breath is dominated by
mine, and life somewhere 
produces new horizons,
ignited the destination,
I loved those overthrown moments of 
life, Sometimes losing is a sign of
victory too.