Friday, 13 May 2011

The advent of striking blossom
All over is rapt under the craving
Of beautiful nature, in your eyes
Dreams are knitting the novel of
My love, in the environs of your
Shadow the countless sprouts
Are unfolding the tender leaves,
On pages of diary an unknown
Fragrance has written the poetry!
Thrived, wild trail goes across
To the misty forest, my emotions
Follow to your consent, to get
Revival on the land of acacia,
Weaverbirds twittering with the
Love song on the branches of
Tiny yellow flowers, in the eastern
Sky colored clouds have made
The enigmatic contemporary art,
I’m searching the sanctuary into
The depth of your eyes, its heard
That a shaman has inhabited
Internal your heart, desires are
Roving as cotton clouds, to get a
Monsoon touch, don’t wipe the
Wet lips, let the drop of passion
To be scattered on the field
Of thirst, long inhaling emotions,
Looks towards your face as the
Full of belief, a planter waits for
Rain, with delicate expectations,
Let allow me to touch the
Butterfly wings, before the spring
Evaporate its beauty and flavor