Wednesday, 6 July 2011

are you the far away shore of ocean,
sinking emotions desire to touch the
comprehensiveness, sand castles of 
adoration calls me as reverberation -
continuously say torrential raining is 
going on, the land of generous heart,
do not put off the earthen lamps of 
door, moon did not get the freedom,
clouds are thick, dense, gloominess
scattered from one horizon to other, 
did you write the poetry on the froth of
beach, waves are fickle to get a new 
life, it's heard that in evening prayer 
all beautiful hearts sing the song of 
universal peace, birds warble listening 
them, on that ruined temple do not 
forget to wait for me, some incomplete
offerings are remained on my empty 
hands, heart is passionate to join on 
that procession of truth, beauty, 
equality, the land of great soul calls me 
again and again to lit dead perception,