Tuesday, 14 December 2010


confession drape was transparent
i looked your face across the mirror
you enveloped the untitled mystery,
by beautiful words changed the story,

not simple to twist the reality, i had
committed mistake in the life, that s true
but how, you would be denied that
your soul is untouched by impurities,

the past is standing on the witness box
just look around you, might be somewhere
the dual persona is hanging on wall
before the declaration of verdict, look the
perception, than refuse my identification,

in the darkness or broad day light, how you
betrayed yourself, exploited the emotions
in the shield you exchanged the body, soul
brain, desires, lust, killed the feeling every
moments, the closed accommodations have
had eyes, physically you transformed , but
spirituality is your acting, you have to share
the punishment too, my friend, you couldn t
be a God, you have no right to force me for
confession, human stings existed forever,

you couldn t refuse your face in the mirror,
-- shantanu sanyal

silence of city

the inner storm had intense
influence, in few seconds the
beautiful planet deserted as
the diamond merchants left
the mines after excavating it,

the rain filled the pit but the
an everlasting silence of city
has left over for ghost tales
it s difficult to joint the broken
heart s world, the seasons had
no times to look after emotions,

somewhere flowers delivered
the colors,fragrance, nectars
internal land of feelings became
infertile, ignored by wet wind,

asked many times to returning
back winds, did you see some
dreams are still inhaling in the
ruined, discarded land of love?

the planet of adoration dried
since a decade, sand has coated
the old city of life, people shifted
to neighboring town, broken door
window less, houses have no more
interest to remember the past,

might be one day ruined would be
renovated by the planting of trees
the world of heart once deserted
couldn t be flourished my friend
it s the tale of delicate relation,

love me beyond the imagination
but never say good bye, if heart
would be break, nothing would
be left, except the depth of crack,
-- shantanu sanyal

picture - painting by jone binzonelli


hidden in side the fetus of time
forecast is knotty, in each twist
millions possibilities are chained,

the sequence of life is like deltaic
river,always changing the edges,
in the dawn, flow was touching
the stairs of artistic new big temple,
in the evening it shifted towards
the crematorium shade of other
side, smokes are visible in both
banks, here sandal wood burning
with floral aroma, there the smell
 of burning flesh, bones, going up
towards the cipher of mystic sky,

an invisible bridge is always existed
between the ecstasy and the agony
we have to travel holding hands of
destiny, no one could say, how and
when the hands would be detached,

between the temple and river, the
sand bed crossing is easy to take bath
it s not essential that river would be
able to wash the inner darkness, you
have to sacrifice the egos into the flow,

the chanting mantras, reciting prayers
offering flowers, every thing was done
by the priest, whole the life, but one
early morning, he suddenly drawn in
knee deep water, time has shifted the
flow of river, or he suicide, it s mystery!
---- shantanu sanyal