Tuesday, 14 December 2010


hidden in side the fetus of time
forecast is knotty, in each twist
millions possibilities are chained,

the sequence of life is like deltaic
river,always changing the edges,
in the dawn, flow was touching
the stairs of artistic new big temple,
in the evening it shifted towards
the crematorium shade of other
side, smokes are visible in both
banks, here sandal wood burning
with floral aroma, there the smell
 of burning flesh, bones, going up
towards the cipher of mystic sky,

an invisible bridge is always existed
between the ecstasy and the agony
we have to travel holding hands of
destiny, no one could say, how and
when the hands would be detached,

between the temple and river, the
sand bed crossing is easy to take bath
it s not essential that river would be
able to wash the inner darkness, you
have to sacrifice the egos into the flow,

the chanting mantras, reciting prayers
offering flowers, every thing was done
by the priest, whole the life, but one
early morning, he suddenly drawn in
knee deep water, time has shifted the
flow of river, or he suicide, it s mystery!
---- shantanu sanyal