Saturday, 23 July 2011


 far away, in the bottom of mountains
two streams have a singleton origin,
they flow separately, across valleys -
somewhere, perhaps we met once
in fortuitous way, swapped emotion,
later synaphea dissolved beautifully,
each others pride, scruples eroded,
in the darkness converted in a water -
falls, seven colors of foam blown on
the clouds, moisturized the blues -
I saw your turning point towards the
half opened window panes, the wind
of midnight, wild flying fragrance, all
together helped you to find the trails,
hitherto, observed your aslope face,
nictating eyes, effrontery attitude -
anyway I knew very well that twist in
the life, dernful journey was nothing
new, the diffusion brought me on the
plain landscape, unexpectedly again
your meet me on the conflux point,
I hadn't option except to embracing
 the reality to reach the oceanic world!
once more heart desires to love you.