Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the dream

the grace of nature appeals
i worshiped your beautiful eyes
the brief of life inhabited on
the dark edges, i illuminated
my day and night to loving you,
the sound of soft walking, feels
the nectar dripping from the
wild purple,canopy blossom,
the lips seems like two rivers
are restless to mingle the emotions,
the gorgeous delicate appearance
breaks my passion in installments,
the flowering smiles misguides the
the travelers to find the destination,
each and every angle are enfolded
with the reflection of rainbow, your
persona is ornamented by precious
blessings of angels, i fear to touch,
a glassy beautiful walking dream is
surfaced on the earth, after looking
the painters are speechless, brush
and colors confronted in mute, the
moments paused itself, sun waits,
requests for rotation, for survival.
--- shantanu sanyal

the perception

the limit of my imagination is
glassy, breakable, i did not fence
the surrounds, let the dreams
shelter, grow, bloom and scatter
i contended whenever you had
defeated me, its creates some
more space for self realization,
just like a kid s victory, knowingly
loosing the game has unique zeal,
the graph of life goes through the
various face, lines had no regrets,
your love is on the tip of thorn
as dew droplet shines in dawn,
my devotion rests on the dry leaf,
let the fresh wind push love, down
heart would be surfaced in a moment
i waited since the creation of cosmos,
to, absorb the outburst of submission,
--- shantanu sanyal