Wednesday, 26 January 2011


unanswered enigma, image floats on
the wall of life, i searched the existence
of true love in the algae of seepage,you
created the abstract structure on canvas
and said, here is hallucination or mirage,

 get the missing link of  love everlasting,
i could not believe the veracity that after
sharing the one roof whole the life, why
heart is remained thirsty, actually the
hidden roots of desires travel subversive,
makes the burrows through the mind,

persona does not accept the realism of
corporal dismissal for winning the world,
here the wrangle of thought are born,
the human psychology is complicated, we
want to stay whole the life as a headline,
for magnetism, emotions turns into text-
surfer of vivid colors, to revealing the value
sometimes we cross the limit of passion,

its not so easy my friend to follow the path
of internal winning, the rare phenomenon
is myth or another way of becoming Alexander?
but realism says if you feel the love in
the heart, it meant dreams might be fulfilled,
one day, self searching is the only way
to reach the truth of divine adoration, here
art of acting should be die, for new birth of life.


painting by - Budhaditya Banerjee