Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The River - - 

across the giant river;
nobody knows what's there,
the grove of question marks is 
waiting,a silence of the endless 
desert, some familiar unfamiliar faces,
looking with strange gaze, walking 
toward the mist shrouded path,
the sound of waves crash 
with mysterious way, 
distant memories
are like the 
nearer sometimes 
in the remote, where's
inhabited your affinity, love,
cordiality, the pledge to live with
indefinitely, a mirage of decade long,
nothing remained stick with the
body, gradually the layer of
affection falling down 
one by one, the 
life is now 
echo nomad; wandering endlessly to 
get a look to persona, which have
been missed in the crowd of
fascination and illusion,
aimless search for 
a blankness or
the eternal
truth - - 


  by artist Darko Topalski