Monday, 20 September 2010

the reflection of vision

my faith is all- embracing
beyond the cosmos, unbounded
divinity sustained on the faces
of anguish, distress hearts -
concealed the persistently ablaze,
the camouflaged adeologies have
to die, ash is inclusive providence,
the abuse of beliefs obliterate
itself one day, as sometimes bowl
of venom takes the revenge -
it exchanges in a moment and
host has no more chances to say,
the last wordings are controlled
by the invicible forces, you trust
or not, the heaven and the hell
surround whole the life, escaping
is difficult from this land of
transparency, the roots of hates
never bloom the flower of life,
the unseen images are always
existed in the human faces, its
depend on the reflection of vision.
-- shantanu sanyal