Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hiccup in life is not always a sign of
Remember, time fills all the vacant space
I’m before you tonight, everything is
Attractive, tomorrow wouldn’t be the
Similar flavor, this deepen love, the eyes
Full of obsession, a mania to do anything
For me couldn’t you sustained in the life
I think, sweetheart, this lunatic outlook
Might be brought the startling changes
I love you beyond the limit, its true dear
In the ovary of future what’s breathing, not
Simple to forecast, on the brittle trail of
Love, walking is not so easy, in every step
The Uncertainty would be challenge by us,
Did you decide to be remain forever near
To heart, soul everlasting, if not, please leave
This path of flames, tempting to pain in
The tranquil life would be finished the
Interest to survival, once you began the
Journey in this unknown destination, return
Would be difficult, a shadow of broken
Emotion will chase entire life, true love is
Nothing then the walking on frozen thin
Layer of a lake water, little lack of care
Might be demolished the temple of love
The ruined heart would be alone in the
Evening of life, even shadow will refuse to
Recognize your existence, beloved rethink
Once before going ahead, if tender dream –
To be broken, regrets will be momentary!
In morning dewdrops, tender flowers, color
Of sky, everything will be nearer to the heart.


Spiral staircase, adorned floral designed
Edge, bit by bit your entrance in my life
As moonlight goes on the roof, silent –
Breathless shadow waits, for your
Dominance, sudden embracing to chest
This unpredicted rain, creates the inner
Wet, I have nothing to control the
Oceanic waves, higher tides determined
Celestial influence are untamed, lavas
Flow, persona becomes pumice stone!
The vertical smokes goes to sky, moon
Hovers on the auburn vapors, unwanted
Captivity brings the pleasure unlimited,
The sky and earth meet through a channel
Of mist, we haven’t prudence until dawn
Everywhere was fog, fervent particles
Dropped on by one whole night, I tried to
Collect your adoration into the heart
As saturated my soul, you poured all the
Devotion by unfolded passion, before
The sun rise, crater slept for next upsurge
Our love relaxed, on the new-fangled
Hanging island, dreams sprouted later, in
The first rain, rainbow touched the
Innovative landscape, rare flowers bloom!
We left over, their foot prints forever
As we walked on the blazing trails, now
A river flows on that surface, the cold rocks
Of bank often repeats the saga of our
Eternal love, evergreen that land, enjoys
Whole the year endless spring season
Spell of rain sometimes sings the duet song!


Nocturnal bird, whistling consistently, on the
Higher branch, resonance breaks the silence –
Of deep sleeping valley, moonlit canopies
Builds the romantic bridge, sitting on balcony
Hill station looks a tiny paradise, as a night
Matures, desires wants to play hide and seek!
In this misty gloom, clouds are leaning to touch
The crest of mountain, unsettled, wet feelings
Trying to get fleeting refuge, you are wordless!
Gazing toward the rough trunk of tree, the
Tempest breathing, a drowsiness or hiding
Mysterious smile, your eyes say you love me,
Further than dream, I found, in this closeness
Dialogues lost meaning shrugs come out from
The ovum of passion, a fascination to sink
Ourselves in the unseen deluge of sweet -
Emotion, I try to hold, to seize your concealed
Pleasure, why you do not wish to share it, in
Your reply, life gets significance for survival,
In this long night, I saw haunting glow in your
Eyes, a recreation of elation, euphoria, a
Passion to die in love, this beautiful arctic
Ignition, the icy blue simplicity, your amazed
Face says me to keep you cautiously in the
Heart, as a fragile expensive urn, its clarity
Appeals, but I always think to decorate it with
Tender daffodils, but afraid to contact the
Glassy surface, looking to each other night
Reached to pinkish horizon, nocturnal magic
Toward the climax, slowly I cover the blanket
In your body, kissed the forehead, stretched
The twisted curtain, dawn encroaching to hills!