Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hiccup in life is not always a sign of
Remember, time fills all the vacant space
I’m before you tonight, everything is
Attractive, tomorrow wouldn’t be the
Similar flavor, this deepen love, the eyes
Full of obsession, a mania to do anything
For me couldn’t you sustained in the life
I think, sweetheart, this lunatic outlook
Might be brought the startling changes
I love you beyond the limit, its true dear
In the ovary of future what’s breathing, not
Simple to forecast, on the brittle trail of
Love, walking is not so easy, in every step
The Uncertainty would be challenge by us,
Did you decide to be remain forever near
To heart, soul everlasting, if not, please leave
This path of flames, tempting to pain in
The tranquil life would be finished the
Interest to survival, once you began the
Journey in this unknown destination, return
Would be difficult, a shadow of broken
Emotion will chase entire life, true love is
Nothing then the walking on frozen thin
Layer of a lake water, little lack of care
Might be demolished the temple of love
The ruined heart would be alone in the
Evening of life, even shadow will refuse to
Recognize your existence, beloved rethink
Once before going ahead, if tender dream –
To be broken, regrets will be momentary!
In morning dewdrops, tender flowers, color
Of sky, everything will be nearer to the heart.