Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The thunderous laugh

The thunderous laugh

The wine, women, music, dance

Whole the night thunderous laugh

“God is the great.” Contradiction

Counting the dead bodies---

Of so called unbeliever enemies,

Late night slogan is continued –

God is the great, what type s God

Who loves only the blood and blood!

Flowers, sleeping child s sweet smile

The moon, stars, loving to each other

Beautiful dreams, laughing faces

Why doesn’t your God like these?

If God is great, why followers became

Lunatic, monsters, inhuman, wild

The blood suckers, Dracula s breed,

What’s wrong in the philosophy?

Please show me the God, not my-

Because my God is existed everywhere

In the face of poor, weaker, lapper

In the pain of orphanage ----- in the

Each and every particles of planet

Just show me, your great God

Who loves only destructions and

Assassination of innocent human

I have to ask him, why he created -

The devils? The heartless animals!

The planet is the beautiful, we do not

Want the ugly spots.

--- Shantanu Sanyal