Friday, 15 April 2011


Inscribe some wet emotion on the rim of
Wineglass, leave few fingerprints on the
Smooth periphery, let remain a slight
Respires on leftover drops, later than –
Give me the half-empty glass, tonight heart
Desires to feel you in nerves, blood
In the cells of soft tissue, you gaze me in
A way again that synthesis of passion
Will travel as subversive boiling waves -
Under the infinite depth of ocean, it flows
Invisible, but creates beautiful fogs on the
Surface of hilly, blooming, magical islands
Keep drowsy face on the bulging chest
Love me further than wilderness, tonight
Let say good bye to earth, across the
Sphere I heard that a planet is subsisted
By means of transparency, ease, releases
The mysterious, everlasting flow of love
In that world nothing has concealed,
Nobody carries the outer layers, complete
Nudity, aristocracy has no space,
Camouflage life is forbidden there, every
Person has to leave the false acting, an
Extreme devotion has to be follow there,
However, that’s not a mythical land,
No deity, no divisional lines, simply two
Elements rules the entire terrain, he and
She, apart it nothing any hypothesis, theory
Let go on that genesis point to get the
Authentic meaning of life, love me in that
Way tonight, to touch the immortality.



Let me live on my way, I’m willing to go
Across the odds, myth, man created rules
They cannot prevent the venture of
Winning the heart, in the filthy congested
Narrow lanes, among the revulsion
Faces I found life, hideous, secretion of
Pain calls me to love them, the lotus stalks
Hyacinth roots, the blemish planet,
I feel their image in the algae merged lake
Moon has assured, to lit them with
Beautiful milky ray, heart wants to hug them
Love them, keep their wounds on the
Lap, spring is not bias, generous rain eager
To outburst on the infertile terrains,
In the distressed faces the booming smile
Wishes to share unexplored flair, here
Dreams want re emerge lost beauty
Sun has no prejudice it desires to swallow
All the darkness, I wish to go trough
In the path of neglected, abandoned world
I feel suffocation in your luxurious arms
Let me release, don’t need any name, fame
Identification, I love to see only smile
On the discarded faces, junkyard made by
Society, in the brothel, casino, dance bar
Unknown faces wish to bloom like you and
Me, lesser destiny’s creation screams in
Night, the flame of abdomen, circumstances
Of life is harsh, everybody loves his life
Everyone looks the dream, but condition
Forces to sell the body, hope, an unwilling
Compromise unfolds the reality, but soul remains,
untouched entire life with restlessness -



Again, end of the day, volatile heartbeat
Waits for your arrival,
Entire day it’s raining, gloomy sky, wet wind
Same life, similar way of survival,
Did you sleep last night, may be not, the
Face says that you couldn’t close the eyelid
Sand storms’ had no sympathy, they
Passed above the pensive, calm,
Flowering valley, you ran after the dreams
Flying like the pale leaves in the autumn!
Gorgeous beauty, the ruthless night
Agony of love, an illness of emotion, leaving
Away your heart from persona -
Toward me, keeping hand on the chest 
You failed to prevent the stirring of
Feelings, you found that my soul is slowly
Immersing the body, mind, facade
As you tried to erase my image from
Your heart, smell from skin, warmth of lips
Density of muscles, knowingly maybe –
You were not able to remove my
Existence in your life, as a masculine
Cologne, a dusky, thick petal of wild bloom
A thorny fern doesn’t desire to depart
Corporeal contact, a sweet ignition
An unseen incineration embraced your
Delicate backbone to leg fingers, toes
Nails, though previous night, sky -
Was free from the clouds, moon had
Concluded her journey in peace, gentle
Breeze blown all the times, I know,
It’s difficult in the love to sleep.