Friday, 15 April 2011


Again, end of the day, volatile heartbeat
Waits for your arrival,
Entire day it’s raining, gloomy sky, wet wind
Same life, similar way of survival,
Did you sleep last night, may be not, the
Face says that you couldn’t close the eyelid
Sand storms’ had no sympathy, they
Passed above the pensive, calm,
Flowering valley, you ran after the dreams
Flying like the pale leaves in the autumn!
Gorgeous beauty, the ruthless night
Agony of love, an illness of emotion, leaving
Away your heart from persona -
Toward me, keeping hand on the chest 
You failed to prevent the stirring of
Feelings, you found that my soul is slowly
Immersing the body, mind, facade
As you tried to erase my image from
Your heart, smell from skin, warmth of lips
Density of muscles, knowingly maybe –
You were not able to remove my
Existence in your life, as a masculine
Cologne, a dusky, thick petal of wild bloom
A thorny fern doesn’t desire to depart
Corporeal contact, a sweet ignition
An unseen incineration embraced your
Delicate backbone to leg fingers, toes
Nails, though previous night, sky -
Was free from the clouds, moon had
Concluded her journey in peace, gentle
Breeze blown all the times, I know,
It’s difficult in the love to sleep.