Tuesday, 26 July 2011

wet days are no more, flew away 
all the rain clouds in unknown space 
droplets of windowpanes dried - 
soon, gradually disappeared fireflies,
vivid moth left broken wings,
low tide of seashore had written few 
lines on the left over sand bed,
lovely moments of proximity were -
astatic, flown towards the slope, found
probably the lost path of wilderness,
time didn't look back, though I  
remained stand still near the memory,
all friends of my childhood encircled
the emotion before the sun set,
in the twilight your fingers touched the
dead sentiments, filled the fragrance,
when moon floated on the sky -
I tried my best to bloom with hundreds
petals, do not know that why fell
down delicate dream on the arcade of
life, night passed with distress mood,
eyes searched for a drop of moonlight !