Friday, 31 December 2010


you didn t share the past incidents
in the reflection of your emotion
i collected all the pieces of dreams
some dry flowers, lifted vigilantly
all the droplets of condensed tear,
the wounded smile explained
the truth of your life, trust me,
friend - i would be loved you just
like the moth, no need to say me
how much you concerned to me
let light on the candles, touch the
red roses, accept the life in new
way,release the twilight with big
 smile, moon light has stretched the
arms, the blue mountain opened
the trails, snow is melted away
 slowly from the flowering valleys,
let me love you again, as some
one loved you before, life is beautiful
include me in some where, as proxy
i have no ego to accept that, but fill
the dreams in your eyes, colors in the
heart,love me again in a way that
past would be removed, spring wants
to occupy the blank space
to bloom new hopes in the life ----

Thursday, 30 December 2010


whispering wind of tender dawn-

softly sprinkled the scented memory,

in the immediacy someone touched

the heart reluctantly, i found some

innocent moments as a kid hiding the

face in to folds of curtain to say

sorry, immature love had the short

story, in the velvety winter evening,

i remember still the first kiss, near the

stairs of roof, in the slight darkness,

an unknown shivering didn t allow

us to sleep on that night, a sweet fear

or a beautiful feeling created a big

difference in the morning, we lived

in each others neighborhood, when

met again, a hindrance or shyness was

visible between the waves of eyes,

a mute graceful agreement gradually

grown to writing the letters in obscure

style, what to write, we wasted hours,

in last only one sentence - i love you

forever, actually in teen aged, we had

no lexicon for expressing the emotion,

later season converted the sides rapidly

the river s shrinkage was fast as in summer,

the depth of valley became shallow before

to write the mature love letter, she

had been relocated to other town, i had

only now some incomplete poetries ---


Wednesday, 29 December 2010


the all embracing the beauty of spring
diverted my heart on you, the carnival
of blossoms emerged in your persona,
colored dews painted in a manner, that
the exquisite of seventh heaven strewn
with open handed, once looking you, i
have no sense of this planet, wings of
unexplained bliss twisted my whole life,

the assent of adoration from your smile
gone through my nerves in a sweet way,
muscles of body feel revival of passion,
as aggressive emotion were tamed by
the love, you have caged  the mind,soul
every thing my dear in a beautiful, unique
astonishing art, here nature influenced
by you, it borrowed the secretes of love,

the flowering valley stretched the arms
to embrace me, i refused, because my
love is devoted to you, no more in my
possession, it s gone in the first sight to
you, i couldn t love again to someone!
--- shantanu sanyal

Saturday, 25 December 2010


whimsy of the nirvana brought
me, on the stairs of the Ganges,
before the offering the sacred
flowers, waters, honey, sandal
the flow of river rejected appeal,

they wanted to see my egos,
depth of heart, the life s hidden
diary, the verification of shadow,
the afraid of exposed the body
and mind, i had no explanations,

the lines of forehead is crossed
to each other in a such way that
unwillingly, mission postponed,
far away in the muddy waters,
the sun was sinking or searching
the way to create the morning in
some other planet, Siddhartha and
Sujata both were looking to each
other, i preferred the middle path,

returned back to my beloved world,
as i have to live in my way, loving
to surroundings, it is my paradise,
might be full of miseries, agonies
but ultimate destination is here, only
among the dark and light faces.
(Siddharth is name of Buddha and Sujata
is a lady who offered the sweet rice during
end of Buddha s meditation )

painting by - JONE BINZONELLI


In the blizzard night, hoary glows
scattered the mystical feelings,
the emotions inclined, standing
hours near the medieval basilica,

the reflection of moon light from
the snow roofed mountains, dells
i waited for you, embracing the
delicate dreams to chest, silently
i looked the hazy sky, the hamlet
is under the grip of sound sleep,

an indigo beam of promise, slowly
emerging far away from your eyes,
gradually the light becomes larger
and larger, the congealed moment
before the dawn, melted glaciers of
ecstasy flooded as the caged night
liberated from arms of aloofness,

sweet kisses remind me the meaning
of life, i wiped the window panes
robins were twittering twig to twig, in
the tender light of sun, i looked the
soggy roses desiring to unfold petals,

your inclined face touching to my
shoulders, silky hands encircled to
my chest, heart, neck, as climber
of wild, in the golden line of horizon,
spring is knocking the heart softly!
the life was not so beautiful before.


nothing would be remained forever
than why too much questions
the crown of season has no
permanent residence, do not
send the letters by crazy winds,

colors change every moments
pollination has no boundaries
emotions were bubbles, dreams
anthology of beloved faces
just keep in the eyes, making
the album of life is not so easier,

clouds kissed the ocean waves
or waves submitted whole life
riddles were defeated by destiny
the milk converted into curd, its
not possible to go back again,

elements definition is the final
origin has decided the terminus
in the way many beautiful halts
destination is strange mile stone,
we have sowed the love seeds
what s hidden in the future cave
no one has miracle to predict?

Thursday, 23 December 2010


The hundreds cherry blossom
crossed the casement frames,
out spreads the branches
let it encroach into the heart,
you are silent but indication of
passion flies through the blues,
i peeped numerous times from
the dense window, you called
again and again, unfurling the
handkerchief, embroideries of
seasons on the heart, made you
restless, how to meet you, the
distance between us, not only the
flowers, some hidden spines of
weeds, waiting vigorously to seize,
on the street, under the gulmohar
tree, please write the meaning of
love, by the twig, on the wet soil,
i would be reached on moonlight
its promise, wait for me on the
abandoned fort of city end, just
try to recognize my soul, in the
wall of castle written in riddles,
decipher somewhere my address!


i did not say any thing on that
evening, swear by you only
before the anonymous herb
rosemary or basil i do not
know, fragrance emerged as
a perception of temple with
numerous aromatic flowers,

fumes or miasma, in the dark
touched my lips with breath,
i did not say any thing, the chest
felt sensation of humidity or bliss
difficult to analyze, an earthen
lamp seemed far away under the
century old banyan tree, exhaled
last feeble flame, night invaded
or forced by desires, i did not

the hanging river bride on the
vast river, trembled by passing
high speed train or the passion,
i did not remember, my friend
i did not say any thing to cyclone
though in a moment planet was
changed, or catastrophe the dream
i did not say any thing, i looked you
far away,

disappearing slowly the
image or divine vows in the gloom
i did not call you, because it was too
late to run after the shadows, i did
say any thing, you played the game,
on your terms, won, pleased, gone,
whatever, i reconstructed the life
in my way, i did not say any thing
about the compacted tale of the
twilight, because i loved you only,
it s true, that never oath for that ---

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


in plum blue night, a procession
passes bearing the auburn light,
they sung remembrance songs
towards river from the height,

flamingos fly above the saline
lake, whispering prayer all night,
emotions become the tiny stars
shines the eastern sky with bright,

on the church walls flashing hopes
midnight mass, harmonious joint,
stranger man, wearing miseries, all
along,stretched arms with delight,

angels scatter peace, beautiful sight!
self painting


the shades of life were so yawning
brain swirled, heart drown many times,
did not get the bottom, i looked you
sleeping underneath the blues, with
enclosed tender lotus, hundreds of
petals covered your body, glossy face
as the ceramic flower vase designed
neck to base, the coral net embraced,

gleaming your beauty touched the
surface, emerged the dream on the
waves of colors, rainbows born from
the sea, splashed to sky as spring
blossom, in the museum the marble
statue of David began walking stripped,

brushes feel like feathers of soft emotions,
Michael Angelo, Leonard De Vinci, Hugo
unknown some faces surprised after
looking you on the ocean waves as the
young twilight surfs on the high tides,
moon sprinkled the tiny crystal slowly,

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


the glossary of sentiments
sometimes amazed to find
the way in affection, lips, eyes
become wordless, arid land
the wrapped twilight in to the
peacock feathers, i looked you
far away in the rosy clouds
getting down slowly from the
crescent moon, perfumed winds
fascinated in a way that i felt
walking on the oceanic surface,

in this moments heart becomes
the distinct land of beauties, colors
in the north eastern sky the flock
of emotions makes the milky lines,
somewhere two souls appear like
the couple of swan, flying to infinite,

in this magnificent evening i feel
i am waiting for you since the
creation of cosmos, gazing the sky
unblinking the eyelashes,
do not remind me that i am
on the earth, i love stay forever
in the dream of your adoration,

Monday, 20 December 2010


internal ignition in the heart!
we searched the light out side,
spectrum of life has no confines
self interest made the big circle,
around the egoism numerous
mirrors rotate day and nights,
image  opaque, whom to blame
here persona becomes ostrich,

life had some created imagination
shadows on the water were stable
flow of sense dwindled every time,
oyster carries endless pain to
produce the new dream to eyes,

your love has masked beauty
my acceptance was primitive sting
tried to collect the beautiful falling
drops from the waterfalls, some
looked like pearl on the palm, few
fell down became the wet clay,

creator s scarf has unlimited space
its different chapter that how much
we have collected, the grace in
our heart, as precious love drops,
some one stretched largely,arms!
but i couldn t able to hug, as my
persona didnt recognize to image,

Saturday, 18 December 2010


avalanched desires does not wait
for longer, you submerged my
persona in the circle of adoration,
a crystal blaze graphed up to vision,

trees, flowers, branches, twigs, bud
whole the world filled with romance,
we walked on the surface of lunar bliss
wild blooms were burgeoned in soul,

the cascade of mystic colorful flow
curtained our moment of compliance,
we have no hesitation to exchange the
body, heart, emotion, passion, desires
we looked our glittering faces on the
reflection of moonlight, a graceful glow,

drop drop fragrance was dripping down
on the surface hundreds lotus bloomed,
we were no more considered as mammals
in that junction our soul had been the
fire birds, flying far away, touching to the
prismatic rainbow, later we renewed
the physical look as a form of magnificent
bunch of roses dipped in the dew droplets!


midnight passed, moon dissolved
a profound silence across the vales,
a painful violin still reciting the old
melody, reverberation goes through
heart to soul, in the concealed
moments, body becomes senseless,

just crushed by someone mercilessly
the sound pierces in to the muscles,
mind, chest, everywhere quick as the
laser beam, the tune has some mystic
effects, we feel uneasy, nervous, as deer
runs consistently to save the life, though
in the vision no any predator is existed,

unexpectedly life cries for liberation
the planet in second looks a big zero,
actually, physical desires go to saturation
the subversive thirst wants new creations,

here the violinist grows itself,perception
starts mourning songs, we roam
disparately to search extra bliss, and
we overlooked around us, some eyes
have still adoration, we did not think
the exploration of pure heart, might be
those eyes have dim light, but they glow!



i did not get the path in the
interweave of you adoration
as in the solar eclipse, birds
confused to find the way
between light and darkness,

the profound, unsolved dialect
of your eyes made the moment
mystified, as bees sometimes
becomes speechless after looking
the beautiful paper flowers,

i do not know the final touch
creation, heart has been changed
an abstract art, caption is hidden
in your mind, the thirst is ocean,
the fidelity has grown, as ardent
feelings want to bloom, flare- up
the beauty of concealed sweet flames,

life moves in the orbit of your
persona, own axis is worthless, futile
in your reflection only my planet
glow, without you life is moonless
dense night, the thread is in your
fingers, breathing turned kites,
blinking eyelashes have influenced
the up down waves of heart,

my life is existed only in your smiles
the chest is the valley of volcano
your consent has the endless rains,


miles and miles the brush
painted the colors of life,
emotions did not agree to
sleep for a while, in all the
pigments, devotion inhaled,
i created dreams on your
soul, it s not only a portrait,

when and how we became
the mixing liquid we do not
know, unusual shades derived,
i sat hours near the window
thinking only for you, a color
of divine, delighted in a way
forgot the face of blue sky,

far away a tiny wild river flows
in th full moon night, your
liberal smile scatters the aroma
weeds bloom looks more
silvery,a magic grip the heart,
in this moments, feelings
becomes genderless,Krishna
and Radha fuse in different
image, the rare persona , just like
an unisex flower creates the
itself the new generation, an
extreme level of love here denies
the myth of science, theories
become the blind hypothesis,

whenever you appeared before
me, i found the dreams are
converted into the gorgeous
fresco, all charms of planet fixed
on your body, i afraid in this
moment to touch you, might be
some dreams are wet, i do not
want the eternal beauty to be disturbed,

painting- Jayant Mukherjee

Friday, 17 December 2010



The game of balancing, the rope
is stretched between the two
poles life goes cautiously
holding dream, and
seasons reciting
the mystical
birds watch breathlessly, walking
on the strange, hanging desire
cord, nothing was magic,
only a sting in the
heart to
reach the destination,in the game
of balancing, audience clapped,
predicted, excited, enjoyed
loved, hated, appreciated,
 I reached to the other
end, it's different
story, I had
the way of survival only, in the below
was valleys or floral bed I had no
time to think for consequences,
my vision had obvious
reasons, live and
 let live to
I performed my job beautifully, and - -
the compromise is the part of life,
so I have no regret - -

* *



A hushed trail in th freezing night
sings the last, some love songs, do
you know the notation of breathings,
paralyzed rhythm want new lives,

emotions relaxed on the chair of the
garden, alone looks the falling snow,
spectacles of affection, multi cracked
dreams hide in the cozy warm corners,

as a kitten, memories try to enter, by
the half unfolded mosaic glass doors
you looked moments eagerly, few
drop of tear might be appeared but
hand shivered, you didn t lifted them,

the old fragrance of beautiful flowers
freeze on the branches, twigs, willingly
or not, you could n t remove ice layers,

in the morning stripped tree had no any
word to complain the tale of last night
as ring is left over on the velvet clothes
gem is lost, its  now hollow black spot,
fingers have rejected decade ago to it.

picture - painted by JONE BINZONELLI

Thursday, 16 December 2010


in the corner of western sky, clouds are
appeared with full vitality, touching to
the vast instable river, far in the vision of
limit, twilight is seizing the ferries slowly,

darkness is getting down from the land
of cyclone, birds are restless to reach the
unknown destination, in this period of
uncertainty your kisses give the new life,

we standing near the edge with embracing
to each other, rain didn t detach us
when  flow touched  the legs, we ran for
the shelter in the ruined, abandoned old
temple, that night before the broken deities,

we pledged to live infinite life,  the strange
feelings brought us in the numinous valley,
whole the night we searched the way
but we found each other s arms consistently,
all the trails of forest were submerged,

every direction looked like the stretched sea
thunder, rain, vibration of sky ended
before the dawn, horizon smiled at last
broken idols said- it s your blessed life, the
beautiful assessment, provided infinite love

the two souls became the an individual icon
from here, your paths goes to blooming valleys ---
---- shantanu sanyal


how to show the feelings, that
i sacrificed whole the world for
you, the heartfelt smile forced
me to set aside all the relations,

though i know my love is not a
final destination,might be -
across the sky some floral aura
waiting for us to emphasize, the
everlasting love of two hearts,

we traveled frequently among
the cosmic garden, flowers of
sky given us beautiful feelings too,
my share of galaxies, i decorated
on your emotions, contentment

i dispersed all the dreams on your
persona, i loved you as waves
love to full moon, breath the last
on the edge for endless way

the definition of birth to death
equation goes through your eyes
my life is inhabited eternally on the
your cloudy, dense eyelashes, never
allow the tear drop to fall down,
please ---

i desire to live some more moments
in your proximity, no need the longer

- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


confession drape was transparent
i looked your face across the mirror
you enveloped the untitled mystery,
by beautiful words changed the story,

not simple to twist the reality, i had
committed mistake in the life, that s true
but how, you would be denied that
your soul is untouched by impurities,

the past is standing on the witness box
just look around you, might be somewhere
the dual persona is hanging on wall
before the declaration of verdict, look the
perception, than refuse my identification,

in the darkness or broad day light, how you
betrayed yourself, exploited the emotions
in the shield you exchanged the body, soul
brain, desires, lust, killed the feeling every
moments, the closed accommodations have
had eyes, physically you transformed , but
spirituality is your acting, you have to share
the punishment too, my friend, you couldn t
be a God, you have no right to force me for
confession, human stings existed forever,

you couldn t refuse your face in the mirror,
-- shantanu sanyal

silence of city

the inner storm had intense
influence, in few seconds the
beautiful planet deserted as
the diamond merchants left
the mines after excavating it,

the rain filled the pit but the
an everlasting silence of city
has left over for ghost tales
it s difficult to joint the broken
heart s world, the seasons had
no times to look after emotions,

somewhere flowers delivered
the colors,fragrance, nectars
internal land of feelings became
infertile, ignored by wet wind,

asked many times to returning
back winds, did you see some
dreams are still inhaling in the
ruined, discarded land of love?

the planet of adoration dried
since a decade, sand has coated
the old city of life, people shifted
to neighboring town, broken door
window less, houses have no more
interest to remember the past,

might be one day ruined would be
renovated by the planting of trees
the world of heart once deserted
couldn t be flourished my friend
it s the tale of delicate relation,

love me beyond the imagination
but never say good bye, if heart
would be break, nothing would
be left, except the depth of crack,
-- shantanu sanyal

picture - painting by jone binzonelli


hidden in side the fetus of time
forecast is knotty, in each twist
millions possibilities are chained,

the sequence of life is like deltaic
river,always changing the edges,
in the dawn, flow was touching
the stairs of artistic new big temple,
in the evening it shifted towards
the crematorium shade of other
side, smokes are visible in both
banks, here sandal wood burning
with floral aroma, there the smell
 of burning flesh, bones, going up
towards the cipher of mystic sky,

an invisible bridge is always existed
between the ecstasy and the agony
we have to travel holding hands of
destiny, no one could say, how and
when the hands would be detached,

between the temple and river, the
sand bed crossing is easy to take bath
it s not essential that river would be
able to wash the inner darkness, you
have to sacrifice the egos into the flow,

the chanting mantras, reciting prayers
offering flowers, every thing was done
by the priest, whole the life, but one
early morning, he suddenly drawn in
knee deep water, time has shifted the
flow of river, or he suicide, it s mystery!
---- shantanu sanyal


Monday, 13 December 2010

the beauty of soul

reflection of rainbow existed on
the wet surface of delicate heart,
its your veneration to my feelings
or you just get down from the sky

dreams are surfing like the dolphins,
embraced soundlessly from the back
its you or passionate waves to grasp
my silent but impatient heart beatings,
i am standing between the two edges

onside the ocean, another is arms,
i want to scatter all the pleasures, by
the mosaic awesome, the flow of love
the multi colors foams touching my
whole the personality,ocean is touching
the beach disparately,with tidal yearning
in your swayed arms my life becomes
 creek covered both sides by blooming
mangroves, wild aquatic rare blossoms,
how to describe the beauty of closeness,

i feel heavenly emotion in your humid
breathing, up down movement of throbbing
our love inhales the divine mystic beams,
in this junction life looks smaller, desires
defied numerous times to ethical masks,
life wants to go back the primitive era,
the strip off the rules, regulations of the
so called civilized society, caged emotion
wants times to exposed the beauty of soul-
-- shantanu sanyal

the premature death

twilight moon is appeared on the blues
little late, all the birds reached to their
nests, some night quills are twitchy too,
sapphire darkness is filling slowly the bliss
of dreams, we are sitting holding hands,
beneath the banyan tree, moon light is
synthesizing your oval shaped, beautiful
face, hanging roots are like the desires
going in the depth of earth to fetch the
wet, in the mist of milky light my image
i can see clearly in your big dove eyes,
i have had many questions to ask you, but
after touching your soft fingers i felt that
its too earlier to go nearer to the blaze of
immortal oneness, let dream to be more
matured, i will wait for you somewhere
on the stairs of ancient temple, as one day
i believe you would be passed through my
persona, just like monsoon rains, out burst
of dream clouds, than i will touch your soul
until that a space is de riguer between us
the exchanging of breathing is expected, its
natural for two bodies, but ahead, its not 
easy to travel in the corporal waves, it will
finish the romance of life, just let me to know
the depth of love, the flowering valley
its too earlier my friend to collect the fragrance
let blossom swirl the environment, with full
beauty, my heart just stretched the flow of 
love,please surf on it with full liberty as you 
wish, i do not want the premature death of
chaste adoration ----
---- shantanu sanyal  

depth of silence

before the crack of dawn some
flowers dropped on the surface
of adjoined the stable blue lake,
trails of night goes through the
mysterious wild of sentiments,
i looked you standing hours, on
the wooden bridge of tiny stream
the flow of adoration is slowly
passing towards the lovely dream,
the precincts of my imagination
says your eyes have something
unique allure, forced to meet
though you never called in a way
that i could left the world in a moment
nevertheless i submitted the soul
to you, depth of silence is a riddle
i accepted the stairs to serpent fangs
let time has to decide i would be
winner or fall down to genesis of
stream in unknown enigmatic point,
in the nerves of heart your love
passes all the time, i know one day
you would be traveled with me in
the life as the everlasting companion,
glasses have brittleness with truth too
mind, heart,soul wants to release the arid
negativeness, as love has no artificial
flavor, its natural free from blemish
here heart wishes liberation from the
clutches of controversial  birth, death
purification of soul or riddles, logics of
human made psychology, philosophy
the mingling of two hearts is a divine
truth, and needed only chaste love infinite  -
--- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 12 December 2010

falling down leaves

falling down leaves have
shown my value of existence
i dont feel sad for that
i masked colors on the face
waves are stable but not silent

the world dont care about your eyes
every one has different life
you can live in your way
in my eyes the planet is little turmoiled

my destination not ended up to you
numerous dreams are in the mind
you thought life is completed in love
questions are many but unanswered

thats one, whom i can see
i will pray to only that
you can discover other belief
who will love me extremely, my
life to be sacrificed to only that guy

Saturday, 11 December 2010

the infinite dream

i am translating above Bengali poem -

I look the infinite dream

wonderful azure that vision
a zero rises on the cosmos
life s unknown periods 
moving, endless, consistent
the questions among the
light and darkness
the mystic dust ring of destiny
suddenly without any prediction
speechlessly appears and performs
it s game 
in last remained a horizontal line
going towards the extinction 
speechless sky looks it 
and tries to know the meaning of line
as Egypt s ancient strange script or 
destiny lines
here life is originated
here is way for death 
in the last 
i look the infinite dream!

---- shantanu sanyal 

Friday, 10 December 2010


symphony of breathing, in proximity of
love, short life became the rare sonata,
cherished kisses painted the heart in a way,
i forgot whole the world in a moment

passion flowers, lavender, morning glories
witnessed numerous times that you kissed
me in the dawn, soft noon, in the cerulean
evening, night lilies opened the petals, when
you touched me, moon light infringed the

 the dual inhalation turned to the
rare mystic valley of unknown dream land,
my heart, soul, corporal, spiritual all the
sensation reduced in the embraced waves,
in early morning, creased moments as
the floral bed sheets unfolded the secrets
of shared pleasures,

drop by drop bliss was
falling from your eyes, face, skin, lips,silently
we teased to each other and filled the our life,
with the divine beauties, we received the
blessing of nature in the smiling tender dawn,

we walked far away more than the our life
nature said, its not adequate to love some one
in short life span, countless passion is needed
to go through the planet of heart,

 here we
reached only at knee deep flow, the chest of
ocean having the everlasting , infinite depth
in the center of the extreme love, its heard that
two bodies becomes the celestial creatures ----
---- shantanu sanyal

myth of paradise

showing the myth of paradise
and killing the innocent, where
is the great philosophy of belief?
ridicules is the camouflage of
great persona, we have to decide
by brain and choose the reality
we can not make the public fool
if they have the develop will,
the false religious addiction has
side effects too my dear friends,
just follow the path of humanity,
---- shantanu sanyal

Thursday, 9 December 2010


the beauty of life lost somewhere
we forgot the sharing the elation,
in the zenith was once our trust for
perception of grief,in the depth the
emotional flow is dried out, a doubt
is multiplied like the cancer, relations
became the venomous wild blossom,
in the genesis of humanity we have
migrated in different directions to get
a genteel land, we have settled, made
the great civilizations, the wilderness
we thought left us before centuries,
but the myth remained as usual with
religious doctrines, polluted day by day
the hunger to rule the planet made
by us, fanatic evolution of characters
reversed, failed to understand the sacrificed
souls for humanity, and followed the man
who had put the seeds of hatred, the
centuries passed we did not confessed
the sin, adopted the path to kill the
unbelievers, actually we never matured,
destroyed the planet, we once considered
this garden as a promise land for survival
the abhorrence made it desert of skeleton,
--- shantanu sanyal


the obstinate, my heart desires
to touch the conflagration of love
i decided to pass through the method
of gold extraction, let me to burn,
my love has infinite horizons, the
portrayal of my mortality is beyond
the definition, it couldn t be caged
only in your heart, have to go miles
away before the dawn my love has
no wings but it flies, earth to skies,
nomadic emotions - do not wish to
settle down, i promised to meet the
beautiful dreams,limitless hopes are
waiting but i love you passionately,
some sketches to be finished , some
colors required to fill for others, the
arts to be displayed only in the heart,
the walls of life gallery still wants
some more portraits of water colors,
made by times merging into tears,
--- shantanu sanyal


the verge has no regret, embraced
the omit of ocean, its destiny my
friend, sometimes venom becomes
the therapy for curing the mass,
its not possible to remove salinity
let me to collect some drops of tear
your eyes want to rest for moment,
grief was nothing whenever i looked
the surroundings of my limited world,
i looked the smile on the face of kid
who lost the parents in bomb blast ?
butterflies never forget to fly though
wings partially damaged by the thorns,
the chanting of evening prayer never
to be finished on stairs of Ganges, as the
great civilization is bigger than the ocean,
--- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


astonished flare ignited the life
as you loved me in way of wild
fire, i did not get time to call the
rain clouds, all the eyes blamed me
for a silly mistake, i invited infinite
the eternal, dangerous, sweet blaze,
the lovable phenomenon had colored
the barren land with untouched some
dreams of paradise, i over looked
the sediments of depression in the
river of life,multi waves originated
in the valley of heart, except us
no other could be realized the bliss,
we walked on the aquatic surface
as lotus leaves floats carrying dew
droplets, the whirlpool had changed
the directions, created the safe space,
sometimes sky has opened the trail
we flew lacking the wings as fragrance
left behind the flock of swan,
astral flowers scattered the crystals on
the persona, we reached beyond the
cosmos, in the land of divine,
in the passion we have been left the
earth, reached to the mysterious planet,
here we liberated from the cage of
philosophy, psychology or science of
religion, became the birds of adoration,
from here earth looks smaller, tiny particle,
--- shantanu sanyal


analysis of life is difficult to express
in the few lines, another birth is needed
to complete the epics of desires
a dream to see every body is blooming
face, a relation of transparency,
we never reached to level of divinity,
the pledge to liberate the inner darkness
we wandered on the self circle only,
in the dense forest of life,trails confused
we returned back always on the origin,
the endless thirst made us desert
we forgot to unfold the enclosed heart,
self orientation never allowed us to
feel the others breathing ,smiles have
had some hidden pains too, we never
gone through the caves of emotions,
our affection had the restricted margins
hence life remained isolated with egos,
your kisses, hugs, nearness doesn t work
unsatisfied soul  cried for release all the time
actually we loved ourselves more than
others,the reality we never confessed
definition of life was very simple, easy but
desires to get more than imagination, made
us arid travelers, in the end stars predicted
the wrong direction, belated our arrivals
after reaching so called oasis, lake had been
dried, the surface of salt was extended its area
far away the ocean was laughing loudly,
--- shantanu sanyal

Just wait ------

swirled my emotion in the rainy nights
you could not escape easily, rhythm of
humid breath would be chased you for
miles, throbbing of heart is settled in
your soul enduringly, exchanging of life
is completed, how could be possible it
to eras the fragrance from the heart,
whenever rains will touch the window
panes, restless curtains will say you the
tale of previous nights, just do not forget
to listen the voice of loving moments,
 could not be able to remove my image
tough the frame, glass have been wrecked
in the crazy wind do not open the doors
 secret pages of life would be flown away
don t miss the passion to get the rain drops
collection on the palms from the balcony
might be ivy climbers are touching to upper
terrace or lost the path in to the bougainvillea,
i believe, the bulbs of tuber lilies are surviving
still under the wet soil,just wait, up to
winter, you will feel my presence through the
wind in the full moon light, i have saved some
moisturized aroma to gift you, please
just wait ------

----- shantanu sanyal

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


resurrection of desires said that
life is short to produce the new
creations, nature is provocative,
streams want to dam up the wave
as wilderness would be submerged,
the new dreams required space to
grow some tender emotional plants,
in the vicinity of passion i arranged
abundantly seeds of friendship, let
them to be germinated with love,
snow layers began to dissolve , tiny
wild blooms woke up after the long
sleep, sky sprayed the soft rays of
hope, let invite the peace messenger
to fetch the nectars of brotherhood,
the planet has lot of barren land, its
time to fill the heart with lovely honey,
life desires some more days to see
the world standing together to resist
law breakers of garden,here let them
purify the rusted surface of humanity,
smiles are eager to stretch the wing of
peace,harmonious co existence says
let make the world more favorable to stay,
-- shantanu sanyal


perfectionist is the myth i did not get
a single person in the life, to say
the complete human without the
flaw, but my faith is stubborn kid
followed a line of investigation, my
thirst revived always to get another
source of quest of absolute chaste,
whom i considered my destiny maker
the persona exploited me silently,
the dreams had the invisible wings too
when eyes were unfolded i found
some one utilized the innocent trust,
later my perception rejected my
decision to follow the magical shadow,
i confessed my mistakes to chase
behind the fantasies, nothing is made
in the world with complete purity,
inside the beautiful structure, reality
not more than the skeleton of bones,
breathing in this moment is the only
truth, and thats  the perfect object after
exhausting required to everlasting sleep,
here my egos surrender the truth,
---- shantanu sanyal

the soul to soul association,

love fountains have no boundaries
just like stubborn baby, wants to play
with newly arise full moon, let it
reflects in the crystal clear pure heart,
playing with the moon is dream
let me touch to your heart eagerly like
a kid touches the moon in the bowl
the physical beauty is temporary
please sometimes go through the soul,
for pleasure of few seconds do not
break the whole branch of blossoms,
love me beyond the imagination but
dear do not try to tame me in the cage,
just feel my existence in your persona
its the unique hermaphrodite of passion,
the soul to soul association, believe me
my dear, its the extreme contentment ,
long and everlasting fusion of rare perfume,
---- shantanu sanyal


loosing to some one in the life is not only
grief in the life my friend, some
broken stars have no sky though
they have illuminated before extinction,
loving to some one is not only one
ultimate destination, its a new genesis
of emotion to experience others pain,
wishing to merge the heart
in stranger s miseries indicates that
our existence has some meaning too,
the vast valley converted in blossom
the overshadowed some plants have
lost their identification, eyes moved
only above the brilliant colors, left over
some blooms never to be reached to maturity
we did not really become a Santa, though
lesser destiny s buds raised the petals
the flow of love had been dried or-
our self centered, circle prohibited them
we did not feel the moisture of eyes
actually we never loved any one by heart
just outer layers appealed us for passion
how to explain my friend, there is a massive
unexplored planet of life in side the chest
dilution of love made us only for corporal
pleasure, we just excavated the body,
did not reach in the depth of love valley.
--- shantanu sanyal

Monday, 6 December 2010

the purity of love

in inadequate lights sometimes
strange plants challenge the
survival of life, they grow numerous
invisible branches to get moisture
i learnt the art of winning the heart
in the life triumph was not the last
pleasure, we shared the looser s
pains too, just changing the reflection
recognition is not a prestigious point
i felt happiness in the lost faces too,
your love says me consistently that
image never betray the perception
no matter medium is water or mirror
in the race of life i hold you because
i knew you never to be allowed to push
me down, the loyalty chained you with
my individuality, the purity of love
has various sky, blues are only outer
--- shantanu sanyal


lost the path after the midnight
mass, carol singing was over, in
the meeting points of earth and sky
the strange star was disappeared
we had reached in the different world
in the genesis of adoration, the
Christmas morning blessed with
new gift of tender, delicate silky dreams
in the dim, misty valley we sat down
beneath the wooden bridge for a
moment, keeping inclined necks to
each others shoulders, the closed
eyes had the beautiful world of love,
the sweet breeze from stream sprinkled
honey dipped flowers on our persona,
we walked holding hands to far away
church, temples, stairs of myth, all were
left behind, the hundreds Hanukkah blazed
the darkness of life defeated by love
the unknown trails welcomed us with
exquisite blossoms of heaven, here we  lost
the all religious doctrines, dogmas, symbols
liberated from the suffocated fence of
definition, unidentified object is insignificant
in these moments we reborn -------
--- shantanu sanyal


red roses were decorated, candles burnt
cafe is delighted with music of life
the twilight fragrance with affection
neon lights filled the color of ecstasy,
you did not arrive, i waited till midnight
roses had many tales but could not say
music played in the nerves of moment
candles burnt speechlessly till the last melt,
the perfumes fused itself on the chest
the evening returned back with hurt emotions
colored light had been slept in the horizons,
night had offered me vigorously the wine
dwindling steps reminded me, the dream is
broken, stripped bleeding persona looking
now mirror, whole the body has pierced
in love, endless night, a challenge to travel
on the burning trails of wild blaze ---
-- shantanu sanyal


tonight prophecy of Nostradamus has
failed, astral flowers bloomed on your
silky hairs,blue moon appeared in your
eyes, Omar Khayyam s poetries are
squashed in your heart, in the moon glow
i looked a dream becoming the reality of
mysterious, Egyptian non deciphered sign,
tonight whole the planet wants to pray you
its a competition, everybody exhibits the
intensity of love,how to show my eternal
emotions, i lost the words of appreciations,
tonight is blessed by angles, mystical touches
i have nothing to offer apart the beauty of
soul,you are the only icon, i worshiped every
birth, tonight my destiny would be snatched
to you from the gate of paradise, its moments
i could be accepted the  weird bowl of venom
-- shantanu sanyal

Sunday, 5 December 2010


voyaging the charming physical path, we
we had the equally sharing some covenants,
the darkness forced us to explore the
hidden untouched destination of many
bizarre but dazzling honey spots,
lifting the contentment moments
by the lips, fingers, eyelashes, toes or
speechless deep observations by breath
whatever media, we reached up to heart,
window panes were opaque or the
obvious, does not matter after the extreme
desire, wilderness has no curtains,
flowers scattered the nectar, over flowed
though bees were belated arrivals,
here nature keeps continue exchange
of love, corporal fragrance flies in the
winds, encirclement of our relation
had the beauty of Eden, unknown but
charismatic pleasures ignited the inner
flames, nothing is unethically steps
barren valleys have dreams too, they
wished the rampant rains and clouds -
touched the mountain peaks, streams
have been converted the violent rivers,
the night after nights, endless travelling
through each other s persona we became
addicted of love, passionated to submerge
the life in the flood of radical moments,
--- shantanu sanyal


sandcastles, once we made on the
 the edge of life, mutual touch to each
 other s internal planets, the common
secrets were buried under the heart
periodic high low tidal waves had passed
so many times emotion overlapped
the passion of darkness, washed away
the layers of artificial covers, or we
removed the hesitations through easily
the submerging dreams had have some
graceful feelings, some times in the life
heart desires to submit completeness
to someone, who dominates with high
sky touching waves, soul becomes  yacht,
playing on the blue ocean s vast chest
we have forgot the fear of dark clouds
here no more regret of sinking boats
sometimes the corporal planet becomes
the floating strange beautiful islands,
--- shantanu sanyal


why you wake me in the midnight
the dreams were tender, immature
wandering carelessly in dense forest,
why you hugged me in intense way
just now flowers filled my perception
with passionate aroma of wild bloom,
why you kissed me with agitated lips
before few moments, mist moisturized
my face with millions tiny soft petals,
why you submerged me in the chest
a minute ago i was a liberated river of
gradient, flowing towards the deep sea,
why you enclosed my body in muscles
before some seconds i bloomed from
the bud, fragrances are in the heart,
why you twisted my persona vigorously
just wait,let me recollect the broken
dreams, season is not a term of a night
as your desires, to excavate the subtle
emotions,do not waste the yearning
let me wake up myself with volcanic way.
---- shantanu sanyal

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

dramatic look

the crowd did not allow you
or you have performed the
the beautiful dramatic look i
called continuously your name
echoes explained , the truth
stars displayed the color of sky
in the life s exhibition hall
some portraits remained as
unsung martyr  of wars, nobody
waits for left over travelers
in the zenith a phobia is existed
all the time, ground floor dreams
might be unpleasant but it has
deep rooted firm bricks of furnace
the ruined temple of by gone era
do not fear the tropical storms
inner earthen lamp burns persistently
here survival it self becomes
the way to find new horizons.
--- shantanu sanyal