Friday, 31 December 2010


you didn t share the past incidents
in the reflection of your emotion
i collected all the pieces of dreams
some dry flowers, lifted vigilantly
all the droplets of condensed tear,
the wounded smile explained
the truth of your life, trust me,
friend - i would be loved you just
like the moth, no need to say me
how much you concerned to me
let light on the candles, touch the
red roses, accept the life in new
way,release the twilight with big
 smile, moon light has stretched the
arms, the blue mountain opened
the trails, snow is melted away
 slowly from the flowering valleys,
let me love you again, as some
one loved you before, life is beautiful
include me in some where, as proxy
i have no ego to accept that, but fill
the dreams in your eyes, colors in the
heart,love me again in a way that
past would be removed, spring wants
to occupy the blank space
to bloom new hopes in the life ----