Sunday, 2 January 2011


deep night is passed through
the miles longer loneliness,
i know, and my ruined emotions,
millions stars sank in the valley
of silence,the unfolded eyes
gazed out burst of galaxies,
your face transpired before
the life when i breathed the
last, though i raised the hands
to touch your fingers, but did
not reach out, the dreams were
awfully light flown away by the
soft wind of horizon, my voice
wounded back as the pigeon
hurt by hawk in the blues,

my heart waves gone up to the
heights to embrace your feelings
they fell down in the way
the kites tremble down the earth
after cutting the threads, my love
pursued consistently among the
monsoon rains, valleys of fire
never allowed you to down pour,

the unsatisfied soul moves over
the blossom of paradise, i could
not see your presence in the spring,
while invisible touch was every
where but you hidden the identity,
my love does not accept the defeat
i would get you indeed one day -
may be near  the lips or the chest,