Saturday, 26 March 2011


Life desires more, proceeding to love me
think for that, apart the physical assets
I have illimitable pain, spots, suppressed
emotions, undetectable prolong ignition
before becoming the earthen lamp, face
the tropical storm, would you like to burn
with me in the seclusion of necropolis! in
the dead silence of soul, do you want to
see exposed, as an infant inhales on the
weird land of harshness,covered thin protein
of the body, would you like to remove? as
fawn wants to walk on the grassland, my
wounded emotions have fleshy bleeding
smell, could you hide me under the chest?
it s not so simple, predator have stronger
senses, let me mature to that level so I
would be able to know the way of survival!
the path of devotion has uncertain end
as golden horizon is nothing than illusion, a
fantasy object but we love it, many myths
sometimes converts in reality, I do not
know the depth of perception, your desire
of eyes says you want me tonight with full
vitality, would you like to be a barren sky
eternal love is passionate to fill the cipher
with inventive extraterrestrial vivid fluids -
but be sure that you have to face injured,
wounded, a persona of inactive crater, the
 fatal eruption have no prophecies, please
think twice, before loving me in this way !
life does not forgive me, riddles of death
I do not wish to think, my desires says I
crossed the destinations many decades ago!