Wednesday, 9 February 2011


divulge all the relish compacted in the
heart, tonight drift of life desires to
hit the roof, love me beyond the blues,
at this point emotion doesn t follow the
fruition, sustained the inner indulgence,

absorb pores unfolded in millions ferns
inadequate moonlight submitted vitality,
create some new moon, unusual cosmos
obsession wishes to get wild occurrence!
the thirst of life looked numerous rains
bring the inventive clouds from somewhere,

tonight my soul has been converted into
the perpetual combustion of internal earth,
just like seismic waves penetrate the rocks
let you travel with supremacy in the nerves!
do not look back, we reached on zenith of
dream, corporal contentment is only residue,

here everything is apparent, infinite exposed
only the purity of bonding, civilization left
far behind, no hesitation, no shame, no bias
in this bare land evergreen trees bear the
fruit of truth, passion flowers, completeness!
the strange river of adoration flows across.