Sunday, 1 May 2011


You have obsessed the life
Like a passionate addict,
Day and night, every moment,
In your possessiveness I feel
Superfluous joy and glee,
In a dream or opened eye, the
Reflection submerges me,
Often I think, that someone
Knocks the doors, frequently
Wind breaks the delusion, in the
Portico of emotion everyday
Somebody keeps the cluster
Of jasmine, beneath the lower
Lips a warmth sensation, I walk
On the galaxy, over and over
You carry the touch of dream,
Several times in the twilight,
You lit the candles of hope and
Desire, often I wake up in the
Midnight, moon smiles in
His planet, whole the cosmos
Converts in a pause, horizon
Seems more beautiful,
As Decorated with tiny millions
Bloom in a straight line, breathing
Becomes the wind of sandal
Forest, often I sit near the
Window alone hiding your love
In the heart, looking hours
The changing colors of sky.


Ingrained conviction sometimes
Creates the never-ending spot,
But its life, after prolong use of
Venom, it becomes the antidote,
In the souk of planet every thing
Was available for sell, clienteles
Have had the rights for bargain, I
Saw the auction of season many
Times, nobody was present in the
Arena when autumn had emerged,
Tear drops alone advertised the
Show, audience laughed on clown,
Good days swing on the legs of
Acrobat, emotions lost in the mass,
Clapping sound have had nothing
Concern, though someone really
Wept, whole the night a violinist
Recited near the moonlit stream,
The fragrance was unable to know
The pain of heart, the frantic waves
Eroded the bank, river extended its
Bulge of flow, uprooted tree has no
Option it had looking toward the
Destiny with sinking eyes, stars had
The limited illumination, morning
Had the preset arrival, slowly the
Beautiful line of horizon vanished,
The moon had closed the window
Night concealed riddles of life.


That’s nimbus of your affection,
Gives the life to my quiescent
Thought, I feel blessed,
Endeavor to win the planet with
Love, however you’re silent,
Coronation by your eyes makes
Me imperative soul, I put down
All superiority, egos, pride,
Wilderness, attempted to follow
The bleeding, thorny path,
In wet cornea I have looked the
Colossal sky, a world of ever
Green spring, beautiful blooms,
A soft feeling toward the
Awful faces reminds me that I’m
Human being, gradually all
The negative energy escapes one
By one, I keep the neck over
Your lap, miraculous fingers
Creates dreams into the pores,
This your drizzling inclination,
Makes me perfectionist, your
Fidelity opens the gate of
Numinous planet, a giant misty
Flow moves on the way to
Intensity of life, kneeling
Down to praise you I keep
Aside the crown of proud, leaning
The head I kiss your delicate
Fingers and offer the compliance.