Sunday, 1 May 2011


You have obsessed the life
Like a passionate addict,
Day and night, every moment,
In your possessiveness I feel
Superfluous joy and glee,
In a dream or opened eye, the
Reflection submerges me,
Often I think, that someone
Knocks the doors, frequently
Wind breaks the delusion, in the
Portico of emotion everyday
Somebody keeps the cluster
Of jasmine, beneath the lower
Lips a warmth sensation, I walk
On the galaxy, over and over
You carry the touch of dream,
Several times in the twilight,
You lit the candles of hope and
Desire, often I wake up in the
Midnight, moon smiles in
His planet, whole the cosmos
Converts in a pause, horizon
Seems more beautiful,
As Decorated with tiny millions
Bloom in a straight line, breathing
Becomes the wind of sandal
Forest, often I sit near the
Window alone hiding your love
In the heart, looking hours
The changing colors of sky.