Saturday, 9 April 2011


In the folded corolla, prolong perception slept
As you looked me after centuries, nectars
Were condensed in cubicle of heart, instantly
Fidelity of your love, desires to expel out from
The concealed slit, I tried a lot to preserve my
Emotions, agnostic thoughts began to sing the
Devotional rhymes, your beauty fascinated
I looked thy icon in the element, molecule, every
Where, in my shadow, in enclosed - exposed
Corporal world, in your mysterious smile, the
Mirror of life is existed, I found myself a kid
In your lap, munificent, prolific you look
Gives me shade of gigantic vat tree, the hanging
Roots of affection, grasps my persona, I relax,
Calm down all desires one by one, soul feels
Liberation from magical bonds, the fluid of
Pleasure, flows through the sweating pores
As sun goes higher altitude, clouds leave the
Path, joie de vivre, liveliness moves from the
Muscles, fertility nucleus produces the totality
Embracing arms becomes the radical faith,
I do not want to detach you for a moment more
This determined attitude forces you to love
Me over and over, sharing proximity in the
Solitude, makes us perfect couple, the offspring
Of devotional relation are so beautiful, as a
Seasonal flowers scatter forever-fragranced mist!
Heart wants to surrender all the aggression,
Superiority, arrogance, wilderness on the
Terrain of breast to acknowledge your supremacy
Life becomes the arc paradise, decorated by -
Precious, unique, divine, infinite adoration –



This outrageous approach does not hurt
Me, I’m habitual, living in cemetery, your
Abuse, maltreatment, exploitations are
Part of my life, in consequence I couldn’t
Oppose because I’m defenseless, weaker
Then you, you forced me to follow the
Orders, on the bed, on the floor, in the
Bathroom, your serpentine venom, stings
Fangs, squeezing the delicate part of body
You made me an object to collect your
Saliva, semen, bites, scratch, love, hates,
Don’t know, it’s my persona or an ashtray!
Your prolong process to lured me, as an
Orphanage I had nothing to do except
Adopt you as a father, sometimes as a
Master, gradually adopted your authority
In my life, slowly you converted my body
Souls, heart, brain accordingly your need!
Later you made me hermaphrodite, in
Beginning feels pain, shame, hesitation, hate
Before maturity, I had been puppet in your
Hands, you beautifully utilized my existence
In your isolated life, your muscled body, love
Changed my individuality, I forgot my gender,
Identification, significance of life, just my
Planet finish in your desires, your deep
Involvement later changed my attitudes, I
Started loving you, bit by bit the venomous
Thinking altered, now I nothing without you –


(This poem based on a handsome young man s life,
Whom I know very well, live in relation with another
man, since childhood, as second man helped him for
study, once he shared his secrets with details -
During waiting time in the airport, it inspired me
To write few lines, but I found that person has no
Any regret about his life, he was happy, successful
In his life, working as a manager in a big firm, he is 
my Facebook friend since long time, he completely 
dedicate to that older person a bachelor )