Friday, 26 November 2010

angel of flowers

gulmohar blossoms proudly stamped
their presence besides the cemented
streets, a portrait of vivid oil painting
once i kept on the balcony walls, for
drying it fast, honey seekers forgot the
path, innumerable times in the life,heart
ran behind the dreams,eyes confused
by the character of colors, a whirlpool
innocently pulled towards the mirage,
the kissing marks on the lips of poems
was not easy to hide, given blame to
the season,flowers trapped the moments,
the trail of the sky passes among the
blinking stars,stripped emotions walked
to fill the aroma,near the full moon
i lost my self identification, your love
lifted my body, after that i had no words,
the impulsive approval,the soul s rebirth,
the season called me angel of flowers.
-- shantanu sanyal

pin drop silence

the hilarity ended on pin drop silence
the shacking hands is not indication
that you have occupied the heart, my
desires created the endless destinations,
its difficult my friend to follow the
particular path, end of journey had the
origins of horizons, here sea and earth
are meeting to each other, not the blues
i just raised the hands towards the sun
its your vision converted me worshiper,
loving to someone is not the de rigueur
 that i would be able to excavate the soul,
my definition is simple,planet create it
complicated,i looked in your eyes, some
other dreams, you asked me, about the
exposed body, how to clarified that the
flesh sensation too after cutting in to pieces,
the calculation of emotion does not follow
the theory of Darwin s evolution -----
---- shantanu sanyal