Thursday, 31 March 2011


Again raised fumes above depressed
Sinking river basin, the scout about the
Missing link of flames says somewhere
Storm is hidden, from the north east sky
Strong wind creating the instabilities!
How to sail the ferry on the surface of
Upheaval emotion, the stairs of asylum
Is moving towards the back by tidal flow,
The hymn of sympathy flies from the
Temple of love, life finds familiar faces
Standing near the turmoil coastline, the
Optimism of a glorious morning doesn’t
Permit to leave the voyage, though heart
Is detained in unknown alluring point,
Cynic thoughts changing the routes, faith
To search the real meaning of survival,
Boats are impatient to navigate the new
Horizons, a green pasture is awaited
Somewhere to embrace the offended
Hearts, bleeding dreams, stifled breath!
The caravan of humanity doesn’t wait
They wish to follow the path of nirvana
In the oriental blues the last morning star
Demonstrates the way to reach the ocean
Of ancient land of Vedas, unexplored
Books of ancient ages indicates here only
Here you can find the meaning of life!
Depth of soul is infinite, it never to be died
The planet would be again stand on its axis
trust of rotation keeps intact, sun has to rise!