Sunday, 20 February 2011


autumnal the moments feel unaided
whenever you say good bye, glooms
of separation makes the life as dried
leaves flying away in wind of dawn,
naive affection waits for next reunion
curiosity increases,searches proximity
between the leaf - stalk,dreams appear,
leaflets wants to collect some more dew
drops, to adorn the buds invisible, heart
swing from one twig to other, tries to
write love poetries on the sweet zephyr,
the soft ray from the roof hole brings
the news of twilight, the impatient feel
emerges in the persona, often i forgot
to look the mirror, in your translucent
eyes, my image complains about dark -
circles, redeye s mystery, always i found
speechless before you, however
a bunch of conversation sleeps inside
the meeting point, i surprised, frequently
changes its form, now looks like spring
is sheltered somewhere in neighborhood!
this evening to evening season alters
many moods, every moment is a long life
each emotion struggles to get you so
nearer, the graph of heart walks on the spiny
edge, one side profound valley other side
remains silent life -