Sunday, 24 April 2011


The yachtsman seems a shadow
Unseen rhythm flows
Its looks as a dark dot floating on
The surface of emotion
The river goes toward the delta
Slowly leaving back sediments
On the bank, at the mature
Night, the left over
Memories breathe cold feelings
Someone throws the pebble
The whirling flow makes
Circles of dream as an aquatic web
The broken wave’s sensation
Touch to heart, as leaning
Branches of a white thriving tree
Kisses the portion of water
Fallen pale flower s fate
Nobody knows, it moves on the
Way to sailing boat
The full moon peers from the
Dominance of dark clouds,
Nocturnal hush, mysterious insect
Calls from the weak twigs
My reflection into the water
Slowly becomes fade
An alien persona emerges
I try to touch in surprise, with
Snooping way, where I lost
Recognition, I loved to everybody
Never distinguished, not at all hated
Anyone, whose curse chasing me
The image laughs beyond the limit