Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The feelings to beautify you with
incomprable colors, blooms
art of sublime immortal creations
whole the life I roamed constantly
from one horizon to other, in the
search of pioneering phenomenon !
in the intensity of oceanic wave
in the depth of volcanic vigor
I gone through the fossilized era to
the damp subversive cavern of charms
the everlasting voyage from one planet
to other, to confer the totality
my heart collected the rare to rarest
emotion from the seasons, moon, sea
I have collected all the hidden
aesthetic exquisiteness to make you
more gorgeous than any one
I found, all offering are faded
before your exclusive heart because
the life is originated only from here
the cosmos rotates by your indication
the wide ranging sensation is
simply controlled by your blinking
two captivated eyes ----