Friday, 12 August 2011

how should abandon the planet,here
I had looked the dream in your eyes,
the phase of life having innumerable
cavity, absconsio,abysmal profundity,
couldn't left the wild trail in menace of
serpents, it's legend that inner crust
hides the invaluable beauty, assayer -
eyes could only explore the real truth,
the physical proximity provides a time
based quench, however soul doesn't
get the perpetual youth's perception, it
moves confused into the abstruse -
darkness, life needs more pleasures
beyond the corporeal, ignition of heart
gets respite for few moment, while the
tear droplets falls on the land of divinity,
the benevolence emotion brings to
masculine frame towards a completion!
restless souls reached to ultimate male,
without the sacred doctrine, philosophy
perception self cheers, later life loves -
apiece faces forgetting all the egotism,