Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tale of the journey

Tale of the journey

The remote halt for trains,

Surrounded by mountains, dense -

Forests, wild rivers ---

The last train passed, its midnight

Platform was deserted

Some four-five persons

And a moment crossed the gate,

Before closing the station

He checked the platform area

As a routine before going

To the bed, his bungalow was

Nearer to the halt, big, spacious

Extra large for a bachelor,

He was a handsome

Muscular young man, station

Master come booking clerk –

His desires and lust

Were endless, tribal compared

Often with wild bison to him,

How to trap the prey

And squeeze until the last drop,

He knew very well

Victims always attracted to his

Greek structure of body

And that plus point

Made him sex maniac,

It was pre monsoon, in sky thin

Clouds were flying

He entered in side the home

Stripped and drank wine

As usual –gone to bed

And started thinking for

Next prey, already lured to

Villagers by some money,

Suddenly some knock on the door

A beautiful woman was before him

He dragged her in to the bed,

In the morning, booking window

Didn’t open, traveler were worried

Reached to the bungalow

And found the dead necked

Body of station master

People never seen again that

Beautiful woman

Who often seemed by the tribal

In the past, unfamiliar face with

Extra ordinary beauty—

---Shantanu Sanyal