Monday, 6 December 2010

the purity of love

in inadequate lights sometimes
strange plants challenge the
survival of life, they grow numerous
invisible branches to get moisture
i learnt the art of winning the heart
in the life triumph was not the last
pleasure, we shared the looser s
pains too, just changing the reflection
recognition is not a prestigious point
i felt happiness in the lost faces too,
your love says me consistently that
image never betray the perception
no matter medium is water or mirror
in the race of life i hold you because
i knew you never to be allowed to push
me down, the loyalty chained you with
my individuality, the purity of love
has various sky, blues are only outer
--- shantanu sanyal


lost the path after the midnight
mass, carol singing was over, in
the meeting points of earth and sky
the strange star was disappeared
we had reached in the different world
in the genesis of adoration, the
Christmas morning blessed with
new gift of tender, delicate silky dreams
in the dim, misty valley we sat down
beneath the wooden bridge for a
moment, keeping inclined necks to
each others shoulders, the closed
eyes had the beautiful world of love,
the sweet breeze from stream sprinkled
honey dipped flowers on our persona,
we walked holding hands to far away
church, temples, stairs of myth, all were
left behind, the hundreds Hanukkah blazed
the darkness of life defeated by love
the unknown trails welcomed us with
exquisite blossoms of heaven, here we  lost
the all religious doctrines, dogmas, symbols
liberated from the suffocated fence of
definition, unidentified object is insignificant
in these moments we reborn -------
--- shantanu sanyal


red roses were decorated, candles burnt
cafe is delighted with music of life
the twilight fragrance with affection
neon lights filled the color of ecstasy,
you did not arrive, i waited till midnight
roses had many tales but could not say
music played in the nerves of moment
candles burnt speechlessly till the last melt,
the perfumes fused itself on the chest
the evening returned back with hurt emotions
colored light had been slept in the horizons,
night had offered me vigorously the wine
dwindling steps reminded me, the dream is
broken, stripped bleeding persona looking
now mirror, whole the body has pierced
in love, endless night, a challenge to travel
on the burning trails of wild blaze ---
-- shantanu sanyal


tonight prophecy of Nostradamus has
failed, astral flowers bloomed on your
silky hairs,blue moon appeared in your
eyes, Omar Khayyam s poetries are
squashed in your heart, in the moon glow
i looked a dream becoming the reality of
mysterious, Egyptian non deciphered sign,
tonight whole the planet wants to pray you
its a competition, everybody exhibits the
intensity of love,how to show my eternal
emotions, i lost the words of appreciations,
tonight is blessed by angles, mystical touches
i have nothing to offer apart the beauty of
soul,you are the only icon, i worshiped every
birth, tonight my destiny would be snatched
to you from the gate of paradise, its moments
i could be accepted the  weird bowl of venom
-- shantanu sanyal